Actualizing Excellence

Several years ago (2002) I showed up at 7 am one morning to do an hour interview at a radio station. I did that as part of the process of promoting several trainings, Prolific Writing and the Accessing Personal Genius (APG). The interviewer, Kevin, was very personable and had a gift of gap. Before we […]

You may think that Doug Adams was the guy who wrote A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Gallaxy, yet in Neuro-Semantics, there was another one. The Neuro-Semanticist Doug Adams. Doug was an IT guy who grew up in Kansas City Missouri (where I first met him) and later moved to work in Washington DC. I met […]

“Meta-States will be the model that eats NLP” wrote Dr. Graham Dawes in 1996 in a book review of Dragon Slaying. That statement was published in Anchor Point in the USA and Rapport in the UK, later it made its rounds in NLP World. I still remember the shock that I felt when I first […]

When I first discovered the reflexivity of meta-states, I knew that I had in hand a structural format for the complex human states. Similar to the primary colors and all of the secondary and triary colors that arise through the mixing of the colors, so with states. We begin with primary states and then through […]

It all began with an Aha! experience in 1994. It was that aha! experience which led to the discovery of Meta-States. Most of you know the story, but for those who don’t, here it is again. I was involved in a modeling project on resilience as I was studying how people develop the quality of […]