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Note: Where there is a (P) after the name – this is for Provisional — the participant still has some training requirements to fulfil.
When sending an e-mail to any of the coaches, please do not put in a space before or after the @ sign. Thanks! It is written like this to foil the e-mail searching machines, so the coaches do not get spam from them.

Master Coaches

Michelle Duval
P.O. Box 2967
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia
(02) 9363 9998
Michelle @

Graham Richardson

Director, Horizon Unlimited Pty Ltd
19 Mooramie Avenue
Kensington NSW 2033 Australia
(02) 9697 9811
Graham @

Cheryl Gilroy

Director of People Dynamics & Partner with Stephenson Partnership
Angus McLeod
angus @
37 Homestead Avenue
Worcester, WR4 0DA
sue @
+44(0) 1905 75 7587
USA Office
651 West Carpenter Lane
Philadelphia PA 19119-3405 USA
adrienne @
+1 (0) 215- 842-2328
Specialty: Performance coach working with business leaders and their teams in EUROPE and AMERICA

Veronica Lim
Inner Thinking Limited
3 Charleville Mansions
Charleville Road
London W14 9JB
+44(0) 7092 33 55 75
veronica @