Dirk Nieuwoudt

PO Box 934

Midstream Estate

Centurion, Gauteng

South Africa, 1692

Tel.: +27 (83) 2862125

Email: metacoachsa@gmail.com


Dirk completed his NLP Practitioner training in 1994, Master Meta-NLP Practitioner training

in 2012 and is a Neuro-Semantics trainer and Meta-Coach in good standing.

He holds a masters degree in clinical psychology and has extensive experience in human

resources management, organisation design and performance management and the

facilitation of personal and team effectiveness.

His work mission is the enabling of meaningful performance for individuals, teams and

groups in their systemic contexts – for current and future benefit.

Areas of interest are:

• Executive and leadership development and coaching, in individual and team

• Coach training, mentoring and supervision and internal coaching program


design, implementation and optimization

He works from core strengths of love of learning, curiosity and achievement, with a sense of

purpose. He believes in making a difference and in contribution.

He considers development in communities and collaboration in service delivery important

for personal growth and to make impact as professional in service of colleagues, business

partners, clients and their systems and communities.

He is a member of:

• The international Meta-Coach Foundation

• The international leadership team of the International Society of Neuro-

• Current chairperson of the South African Institute of Neuro-Semantics

Semantics, and