Mandy Chai


Asia Professional Training Institute
(852) 27708886

Mandy Chai is the founder of Asia Professional Training Institute ( and director of the Institute of Neuro Semantics of China and Hong Kong.

Mandy is a transformational trainer and has been in the training development field for over 18 years. She has an extensive background in delivering leading edge Self-Actualizing based Management Development and Organizational Transformation Programs for the last 10 yeast. She has taken the self-actualizing knowledge to a new level by applying them as the hub of all her training programs in cultural change, corporate excellence, team formation, leadership models. She has designed and delivered training programs, seminars, workshops and gained her experience in the trenches working with several different organizations including government, public and private sectors in Hong Kong and China.

Mandy enjoys organizing and working with individuals and organizations that want to implement self-actualizing and change effectively, particularly when it involves the productivity and potential of people. She seeks to ensure the intellectual and emotional engagement of personal and organizational to “Turn Vision into Reality“.