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The Secrets Of Wealth Building Workshop

3 Day Extensive Training Workshop

Developed and Presented by
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.
Developer of the Meta-States® Model

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L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

In 1998 I began a modeling project on Wealth Building. A simple question drove the research. I simply wanted to know how the first-generation self-made millionaires did it. What were the key factors that enabled them to become wealthy, make a fortune, and attain the financial independence that so many of us would like?

The original phase of the project only took 10 months. I interviewed a few millionaires and then began reading the literature of the field. I then began my first trainings and tested the application of Neuro-Semantics and NLP to Wealth Building. In was in that way that I field tested the ideas and concepts. In the process I learned a lot, but more importantly I applied the Wealth Building Principles to my own life. In the first two years, I doubled my net worth, then doubled it again in the past two years. I went from having two rental properties to 8. In that same time, my income has tripled.

While there are numerous secrets to building wealth, I can tell you that none of them are Rocket Science. In fact, you already know many of them. And if you don’t know them, you can discover them within a day or two by reading a few basic books. But, the million dollar question is this, Will you be able to get yourself to incorporate them and actually put them into practice?

The likelihood is that you will not. The great majority of people will not and do not. Why not? Because of a central occupational hazard for humans―we know more than we do. It is this Knowing-Doing Gap that stands in the way of most of us. This is true for wealth building as it is true for relationships, business excellence, fitness and health, etc.

This is the problem with 99.99% of all the books, tapes, workshops, and trainings in Wealth Building. While I love and read and use the materials of the key players in the field of Wealth Building, there is zilch in those books and trainings that actually enable people to incorporate the principles, rules, and secrets. The feeling is always left, “If I just buy the next book, then I will get it!” “If I sign up for one more training, then I’ll get it!” And I would not want to be the one to blow the whistle on this or to suggest that these people and programs might have a vested interest in getting you to do that, so I won’t.

I’ll just say this― Discovering how to bridge the Knowing-Doing Gap and learning how to truly implement what you know, how to take it from Mind and put it into your Muscles … this is the very heart and the most unique thing that the Meta-States of Neuro-Semantics offers. And when you know that― then just about any expertise and excellence can be yours!

Knowing How to Implement Knowledge is truly Inside-Out Wealth

When you know how to take great ideas, inspiration concepts, and state-of-the-art models and install them into your very neurology and make them your neuro-semantics, then you are 90% of the way to any excellence or expertise that you want.

After all, the greatest knowledge and models and skills in the world will do you squat if you don’t use them!

The secret of wealth building that Napolean Hill, Dale Carnegie, the authors of the Millionaire Next Door, Robert Kiyosaki, Suzie Orman and many others emphasize that we have to first think wealth. This highlights that wealth is built from the inside out. They have that part right. “Do what you Love and the money will follow” is a general concept in the right direction (general, but not quite fully adequate, it’s missing some things).

Wealth is built from the inside out and we have to know how to get it from our heads into our muscles. That’s the part that 99% of the books and trainings miss. But now, in Neuro-Semantics―we include that part.

Wealth that’s holistic, balanced, ecological and inevitable begins with a wealth of mind and emotion that glories … absolutely glories in the ability to see and create value, to create value first for self, then for others, and then for everybody.  It is this kind of true internal abundance that cannot but explode externally with the actions that add value and makes us valued everywhere we go.

Wealth is created by the entire mind-emotion-body, or neuro-semantic, system which sees opportunities, seizes opportunities, gives, enriches, has a grand time … even when finances are tight.

Wealth has to start with an attitude of multiple states and meta-states that come together to create a marvelous gestalt … a gestalt that we create in the Wealth Building Training that’s based on the principles of Internal/External Wealth. It’s an attitude that uses the state of frugality to squeeze all the good things about of everything … that doesn’t need more and more money to be happy .. but that uses happiness to make more and more money. That’s the frame. Hector Quintana was at the training in Monterrey, Mexico (Feb. 2002) and wrote this about the training.

“These new feelings are awesome. I feel more energetic every day and I also offered to some people I know to coach them for free in order to help them develop belief changes like saving money … developing a business and gain a sense of joy when confronting challenges without losing alertness in front of problems … “

He went on to describe several things he has already done at work and with others in “the joyful game of marketing valuable things to others” that has opened new doors of opportunity.

Wealth Inside-Out

The Wealth Building Training using Neuro-Semantics and NLP is a very different kind of training. You will discover:

  • The Overall Strategy for Building Wealth in a Decade
  • The 12 Keys to mastering the Pathway to Wealth Building Mastery
  • How to get into the right States and Meta-States to make it happen
  • How to Dance with the Dragons that try to stop your success
  • How to build up a spiraling frame of mind of value and valuing that will allow you to explode into a lifestyle of seeing and adding value everywhere
  • How to become intentionally focused and sustain your motivation after the “Rah! Rah!” dies down
  • How to play to your strengths and find the passion that you can use to build your wealth.

In addition, you will begin to create your Ten-Year Wealth Building Plan … so that when you walk out of the training, you have the beginning steps for your personal business plan. And, no excuses to get in your way.


This training can be very dangerous to your old excuses, sense of being a victim, and your current skills of blaming and whining. Dragons will be identified and slain. Excuses will be blown out. Dis-empowerment will be framed so that they become out of the question for you. This is not a training for the faint of heart, it is for those who want to live life passionately, purposefully, and fully. It is for those who want to build wealth from the inside-out and who want to do so in such a way that the “wealth” and the building of it is holistic, ecological, respectful, and fun.

Original Description

  • Would you like to Learn the Secrets about Wealth Building??
  • Would you like to Learn how to Accumulate Capital & Make Money Work For You?
  • Would you like to Stop being a Slave to Money & Step into the State of Feeling Financially Independent?

You can!  Having modeled the secrets of wealth building from those who have achieved it and having researched the field of wealth building using the tools and models of  NLP and Meta-States, we have found The Structure of Wealth Building  Interested? and now have a special training that can put into your hands the very secrets that Millionaires use.

I doubt that you’ll be surprised to know that there truly is an Art to the Magic of Attracting Wealth and developing Excellence in your mind, heart, and lifestyle with regard to becoming “wealthy”.  What might surprise you is to learn how easy and simple it is to get these secrets of wealth building installed in your muscles so that it becomes “your way of being in the world.”  Then, it will happen.  Interested now?

Actually, you probably already know a great many of the Wealth Building Principles that if only you could get yourself to practice, it would dramatically increase your ability to become financially independent. Is that true for you?  It’s true for most people.  Would you like to develop the ability to actually use what you already know?  This actually makes up a big part of the Wealth Building Training,   You will learn how to set the kind of frames that will empower you to follow through and implement your knowledge.

The Wealth Building Training also focuses on Alignment.  How to become aligned with your highest purposes and values.  And when that happens, it will build congruence, personal power, responsibility, and motivation into you.

Are you ready to organize yourself for abundance?  Would you like to build a propulsion system in your mind-body that will automatically move you in that direction?

We began this Modeling Project of Wealth Building from the realization that we live in the land of opportunity. Given that, why do so few ever achieve financial independence? What stops you from becoming wealthy and accumulating the kind of wealth so that you can live without financial worries? Why will 70% of the American population end up at 65 years of age dependent upon the government and social security?

Opportunity alone must not be enough.  Something else is needed!  But what?  The problem does not lie in the lack of the vital information about how to make money or even how to develop financial intelligence. Book stores and libraries, TV infomercials, internet, etc. provides plenteous data about how to make lots and lots of money. There is no lack of strategy.  How to actually make money via real estate, the stock market, investments, etc. abound.  Everything we need to know to become wealthy lies at our fingertips.  Opportunity and information about opportunity abounds.  We have plenty of vehicles for becoming Financially Independent. That’s not the problem. The problem lies at a meta-level.  The problem lies in our attitudes, beliefs, understandings, and states.  People programmed for wealth operate from specific wealth building states.  Do you know what those are?   Would you like to?

Programmed for Wealth

Lots of people do become wealthy in the USA. In fact, 80% of all millionaires are self-made millionaires.  So what are their secrets?  Suppose you wanted to set out to model their accumulation of wealth strategy.  What would you discover?  Would you like in on the Secrets that we’ve discovered?  When I began this project of modeling wealth building and accumulation, I assumed I would need to do lots of interviews in fleshing out the data of this research.  But no.  I discovered that many others have already conducted the interviews of those who had become wealthy. Researchers have even conducted longitudinal studies following those who wanted to become rich. They have even pulled out those traits, beliefs, ideas, habits, etc. of those who succeeded in the process and compared that to those who did not succeed.

The Secrets Behind Wealth

Wealth Building grew out of our research and offers you the secrets, strategies, and meta-level structures of beliefs, values and perspectives that will enable you to replicate the very structure that has proven successful for those who have become wealthy millionaires and financially independent.

In this training we will not focus on the details about how to make money in a particular area.  Instead, we give you the higher level structures of mind and heart to develop the kind of enhancing relationship to money and the creating wealth process so you can follow your passions and let the money follow.

Discover your current programming about wealth, money, and all of the associates concepts that either promote or sabotage wealth building. Do you have all of your levels of mind organized for wealth and success as you define it? Would you like to construct that kind of framework? This training will address numerous facets inside you that powerfully affect your strategy for wealth and success:

  • Beliefs about self, success, & money: transforming limiting beliefs.
  • Aligning values & meta-levels to eliminate any self-sabotage and internal conflict.
  • Installing a Propulsion System as an Accelerated Motivation for reaching goals for wealth.
  • Developing positive money attitudes that will support you in a balanced way.


Wealth Building as a Workshop was developed by L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.  using the modeling technology of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and the latest model of Neuro-Semantics® and Meta-States®.  Dr. Hall has explored the research in this field and made it available in an extensive Training Manual on Wealth Building used exclusively in the Wealth Workshop.

In this Workshop You will Discover …

In the study of the Structure of Wealth we have discovered that some people just seem to have a nature knack for making wealth, experiencing wealth, thinking in wealthy ways, having a wealth of ideas, experiencing wealthy emotions. They live their lives in a way that seems rich, full, complete, satisfying, enhancing, empowering, resourceful.  What gives?  How can we learn to replicate what they do? In the workshop, you will find out!

You’ll learn a holistic approach to wealth as “abundance” in many dimensions of life:  mind, heart, finances, relationships, creativity, etc.  You will learn how to adopt a wealthy perspective so that you do not “sell your soul for money” to the detriment of your relationships, health, happiness, etc.

Wealth, from “weal,” refers to abundance of supplies, possessions, and resources. It speaks of affluence, abundance. The original term weal refers to being in a “sound, healthy or prosperous state, well-being.”

  • Learn how to install Meta-Patterns and Meta-Frames that will open your eyes to all of the wealth that’s all around you.
  • Learn how to come away from the training with a new attitude about money.
  • Learn how to install a Propulsion System inside yourself that will take you straight to your money goals.
  • Learn how to create your own Personalized Wealth Plan so that you will have a specific plan to focus on when you leave. This is the central focus of the workshop and has been designed so that you can walk away and begin making your financial dreams come true.
  • Learn how to build and implement the kind of supportive states and meta-states that will support and enhance your ability to handle all of the key factors involved in wealth building.

State Management is Essential in Wealth Building

Don’t believe me?  Then consider the people who can make lots of money, but can’t keep it due to impulsive spending or the inability to save.  Or, consider those who can control their spending and gambling habits but sabotage their ability to take risks, extend themselves, smartly invest, etc. Consider those who let fear sabotage investment.

Take the time and learn the Meta-Skills to build your Wealth,

not only in terms of dollars but in terms of Sense!

Attend this workshop and gain in Wealth Mastery!

“Wealth planning always seems overwhelming, too much to tackle at once, but now, with this training in Meta-Money, I can make progress with very small steps … and with more intensity.”

Christine Smith Jany, NY City

“I experience this training as very high powered. Dr. Hall’s comprehensive genius has reconstructed NLP from scratch. The training has released me from several major dragons that have kept me from working towards my dreams. One key impact was getting me to be clear about what I really want.”

Khalil Rohoman, NY City

“Once again, Michael Hall has taken his powerful mind to this area of vital importance– the creation and maintenance of growth of money. I found his research in this area very impactful.”

Ruth Roosevelt, Consultant to Traders

“I found the very idea of Meta-States and their usefulness in creating changes very powerful.”

Stanley Cunningham, NLP Trainer

“I never understood the value and importance of frugality. Frugality is good! Making mega millions is honorable and worthwhile for the good that can be done with the money.”

Delores Brown

“The shift to a Wealth Building Map with a mighty ‘Yes’ is powerful. I will let you know in the weeks to come the effect of this program.”

Tod Frueh

“Superbly clarifies what wealth is and is not, while filling the toolbox with basic equipment for building wealth.”

Russel Ketch, Engineer

“This training has given me the tools to improve and change the way I deal with my finances. I now feel I can change my states to accumulate wealth.

Bill Jany, Salesman

Training in Wealth Building and Selling Excellence – Overview