Mustafa Mohsen

Mustafa Mohsen is an ISNS trainer and Meta-Coach with over 25 years of experience in NLP, hypnosis, counseling, and coaching, and business development. He has a diverse experience in computer science, mathematics, business development, psychology, philosophy, and others, which he devises to maximize the value he provides his clients and community

With a never ending passion, he is an active reader, learner, researcher and developer, with a growing desire for collaborative growth and capacity expansion. And with strong belief in the power of systems, he collaborated with, and delivered his service to clients from Egypt, Algeria, Qatar, USA, Canada, UK, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, South Korea, China, and others

Mustafa is a husband, a father of three lovely kids, a devout Muslim, and an avid martial arts practitioner. He lives in Cairo, and can be reached via email: mustafa at