NLP Comprehensive Meta-Wealth 2000 Training

Denver Colorado – November, 2000
NLP Comprehensive

Presented by
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.
Developer of the Meta-States Model

“A breakthrough seminar!  This training helps you install what it takes to actually “Think and Grow Rich.”  in a way that’s automatic, easy, and effortlessly.  Consider how wealthy you can be with this information and do whatever it takes to attend.  Priceless!”

Joe Vitale, Marketing Specialist
Author of “Outrageous Marketing” tape series with Nightingale-Conant

“The Intentional Values Elicitation took me to my highest value in an emotionally powerful way that was stronger than anything I have ever experienced.  This one process had a result that was well worth the
price of admission and there was much, much more.”

Phil Hughes
Senior Loan Officer

“This is the only mind directive program ever that clears the rhetoric and brings the wealth I desire in to true clarity and makes it very doable.”

Leo Gregreor

“Of the several Abundance/Wealth Seminars I’ve attended over the years, they have ranged from metaphysical to “shoulds.”  This is the first one to provide Mind-to-Muscle and Excuse Blowout patterns, among others that elegantly install Wealth Building into my neurology.  This seminar handled ALL of my ecological concerns.”

Lawrence C. Warner

“Michael is brilliant!  His processes are exquisite and masterful — Profound! but simple.”

Jo-Anne Aherne

“With heartfelt gratefulness, I say thank you for this opportunities to move through the blocks I have erected and keep me from building wealth in my life.  I will no longer stop myself from finding my path to wealth.”

Carolyn Paseneaut

“Good infectuous high energy — very motivation, lots of excitement.”

Dianne Ruth, Ph.D.

“Seeing, hearing, and feeling NLP “live” fulfilled a long time desire for me.  This two-day seminar has given me years of tools to think and create with.”

Julie Ryan

“I was pleased to find an instructor who is walking his talk.  So many other instructors don’t’ seem congruent when they haven’t used NLP to make themselves more financially successful.”

Frank Hahn

“What I liked best was working with Michael one on one to develop my optimism and getting to experience meta-stating (which was not taught in my NLP classes).  Both were worth the price of admission.”

Kerry Taylor

“What I liked best about this was the pattern on how to transfer conceptual material to muscle The leader, Michael Hall, is among the best presenters I’ve seen at NLP Comprehensive.  the material is fresh, top notch and internally consistent.  His competence, compassion, and integrity are prominent.”

Larry Warner