L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. (1997) NS Publ., spiral, 174 pages, $25

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  • Would you like to be more ferocious in your presentations?
  • Would you like to develop and expand your skills in presenting so that you can do so from your most optimal state?
  • Would you like to know more about the Bandler approach to NLP Trainers Training?

Description: In 1989, Richard Bandler invited Michael Hall to “write the notes”on his 1990 NLP Trainers Training. Why Michael? Because he had written notes the Bandler’s Master Practitioner training which impressed Richard. Originally he did this as simply part of his own learning strategy. Today those notes make up the book, The Spirit of NLP.

Becoming More Ferocious as a Presenter is another historically significant book on par with The Wild Days of NLP in that it offers an inside look at Richard Bandler, the genius behind NLP. Based upon the actual notes that Hall wrote at that time, this book focuses on Bandler’s themes at that time. For years the notes sat dormant as the Bandler lawsuits came and went. From time to time, Dr. Hall expanded on those notes so that eventually this book on trainers training emerged in the form it has been in since 1997.

Within this book you will find the feel and spirit of Richard Bandler’s presentation style, the way he approached the training of trainers, and many of the ideas that he presented in those days when he still actually taught the content of NLP. In Becoming More Ferocious as a Presenter you will discover—

  • The spirit of Bandler’s unique genius as applied to presenting and training
  • Key facets involved in effective presenting
  • How to manage your states as a presenter
  • How to design trainings using NLP criteria for well-formedness
  • How to handle audiences
  • How to enrich your communication with meta-programs
  • How to enrich your communication with hypnotic language
  • How to design and use nested loops
  • How to develop better platform skills
  • And much more…

Style and Audience: This is an advanced book for those well-versed in NLP and especially for leaders and others linterested in training, presentation skills, and public speaking.