Reading People Using Meta-Programs (1997/ 2006)
L. Michael Hall & Bobby Bodenhamer (360 pages) $25


Figuring Out People is unique in several ways. It explains the origins of Meta-Programs and places them in the larger context of human growth and change; it provides in-depth discussion, and it contributes to the development and expansion of Meta-Programs—an outstanding contributions to an area which lies at the heart of NLP.

Wyatt Woodsmall, Ph.D.

This depth coverage of Meta-Programs is a must for your NLP library. It encapsulates everything that has ever been written, presented, and developed plus much more. I particularly like the motivating exercises that get you using what you learn—an excellent and truly comprehensive book.

Katrina Patterson

  • Why do people think, feel, talk, and act the way they do?
  • Are people predictable enough to be “figured out?”
  • Can we use the meta-programs of NLP to diagnose and profile the patterns of attention and perception of people?

Description: All of us, at all times, work at trying to figure people out. Everyday we spend time mind-reading and second-guessing the people with whom we live, work, associate, negotiate, parent, and love. We guess at their intentions, motives, future actions, beliefs, and more. In this transformational book, discover the magic of meta-programs as perceptual lens and the power of figuring out where others are coming from. Figuring Out People takes the reader far beyond mere personality typing to recognizing and working with each person’s unique way of perceiving. Each meta-program provides another way in which we differ as well as a way to create meta-rapport for closer relationships and more indepth understanding and appreciation.

As a meta-domain of NLP, Meta-Programs describes how we sort for information and use perceptual filters. Recognizing and matching how a person processes information, what he or she sorts for, enables you to more effectively communicate, relate, motivate, etc.

Meta-Programs arise from meta-states. Learn how meta-programs are solidified meta-states that create a key operating system that governs how we run our brains. These sorting distinctions arise as meta-states coalesce from mind into body. Meta-Programs are meta-states that have moved from mind into muscle to become your perceptual frames, the very way you “see” the world. This gives you a new way think about the structure of  personality—how we do behavior.

Figuring Out People provides an encyclopedia of information and puts at your fingertips the most exhaustive and cutting-edge work in the field of the Meta-Programs. Discover 60 ways you sort information. This is an essential tool for anyone who works with people, wants to diagnose how a person is functioning, etc.

  • Learn how to effectively work with the meta-programs for enhancing relationships, business acumen, therapy competency, coaching skills, and much more.
  • Discover how to profile people’s patterns for advanced modeling.


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