L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. and Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D.Min. (2001)
Neuro-Semantic Publications, paperback, 250 pages, $25.

Description: Fear stops so many people from finding their passion and following that passion in their professional careers and personal lives. Why? Because they let fear have the last word. Because they take the wrong counsel from fear. Because they have not learned how to master fear. Because they have not won the inner game regarding the emotion of fear. But now you can.

  • What emotional games do you play when it comes to threatening, new, different, or risky things?
  • What games do people and situations recruit you to play that induces you into fearful states?
  • Are you more likely to play games of fear than games of courage, curiosity, and risk taking?
  • Are you ready to master any and every fear, whether appropriate or inappropriate?

Discover the tools you need for taking charge of your life, your emotions, your choices, and your fears in Games For Mastering Fear. The fear mastery games in this book are based on the Meta-States model. The second book in the Frame Games series, this book provides a user-friendly version of a new cutting-edge psychology.  Read this book to win your inner game with fear and so “run your own brain.”

Whether you play fear games that scare the daylights out of you and keep you in terror, or anxiety games that keep you constricting your world, or courage and passion games that allow you to go after your dreams—you are playing the games that make up the quality of your life. All games have one thing in common—your games are governed by your frames. Change the frames and the games change.

Style and Language: Written for the general reader.

“Meta-States provides a clear and useful presentation of insights
into human nature and how to promote change.”

John Burton, Ed.D.

“This material can spare people years of useless,
expensive effort with traditional therapeutic modalities.”

Craig Johnson