Group and Team Coaching


L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.
Neuro-Semantic Publications, 2013 – 290 pages – $25


Question: Is Coaching a group the same thing as coaching an individual except
there’s more than one person? Answer: No. Moving from coaching individuals to
coaching groups means you now have on your hands the challenge of calibrating,
understanding, and dealing with many more persons, and all at once. This is a
challenge! In addition to dealing with the psychological dynamics of individuals,
you also have to deal with group dynamics. Now you have to work with more layers
of systems and the multiple groups that each individual belongs to. While it is not
easy, it can be extremely rewarding when done well.

Why? Group and Team Coaching enables people to think together, learn together,
and solve problems together in ways that can be much more effective, creative, and
productive than alone or with just a few talented persons. Group coaching makes
teams and organizations much more effective, aligns boards and leadership teams,
reduces conflict, eliminates nasty politics, facilitates synergy, and unleashes
creativity. Teams, as the primary building blocks of performance in companies are
destined to be the future of organizations.