Meta-States: Managing the Higher Levels of Your Mind


Managing the Higher Levels of Your Mind

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. Neuro-Semantics Publications.

Hardback, $45

Paperback, $25

Description: The first and original edition was written in 1994 and that book launched the third meta-domain of NLP—the Meta-States Model which later led to the launching of the field of Neuro-Semantics. In 2000, the book was completely revised to make corrections and to expand the model.

In the brand new 2008 expanded edition of Meta-States, the book has been completely revised and re-designed to present Meta-States indepth as a  model of self reflexive consciousness. As an expression of the cognitive-behavioral sciences, Meta-States describes how our mind-body-emotion states interact and manifest in our everyday experiences. Meta-States works with a the most unique feature of human consciousness—self-reflexive consciousness and models how this feedback process involving how our meta-jumping thoughts and feelings continually generate states- about-states, or meta-states.

In Meta-States discover:

  • How the Meta-States Model takes NLP to the next level by tracking the meta level jumps in the feedback loops.
  • How primary states differ from meta-states and gestalt states.
  • Mind reflects back onto itself to create the higher matrix of frames and frames embedded within frames.
  • Dozens of “logical levels” govern our experiences as a meta-class of life.
  • How our neuro-semantic states creates the Matrix of our mind.
  • Meta-stating processes create richer textures in our everyday experiences and to model the more complex states.
  • How Meta-States offers an unified field theory for NLP.
  • How Meta-States leads to advanced modeling (NLP Going Meta).
  • Meta-Levels advances modeling excellence in creating gestalt states such as proactivity, forgiveness, self-esteeming, and much more.
  • How the magic of NLP continues with Meta-States.

Discover the original book that took NLP to a meta-level and forever changed the face and future of NLP.

Style and Audience: An indepth and academic oriented presentation of the Meta-States Model. Especially designed for trainers, teachers, modelers, university professors, coaches.

“In Meta-States, a seemingly complex theory actually provides simple techniques for producing effective results. The model gives one the processes of the for increasing personal effectiveness.”
Hugh Yamashiro

“This is fantastic, well-grounded in research, and rich and coherent theoretically. I definitely think that Meta-States training represents a breakthrough in psychology.”
Omar Salom

Columbia, Mexico
Psychologist, Meta-Coach, Neuro-Semantic Trainer