The Crucible


And the Fires of Change (2010)
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.
NSP, 200 pages, $25




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We have two generative change models in Neuro-Semantics.  The first is the Axes of Change Model which is in Coaching Change (Meta-Coaching Volume I).  Now the second model, The Crucible, is in book form (MC Vol. VII).

I’m delighted to announce that we have now received the shipment of The Crucible and that it is now available for you to purchase.  The retail price is $25 USD.

What is the Crucible?

The Crucible is a space for transformational change so you can actualize your highest meanings and best performances.  It is a wonderful hypnotic space, created in your mind, for generative change for learning and unlearning to enable you to self-actualize.

The Crucible first provides you the elements of this special and powerful place and then the hypnotic processes so that you can create this resource in your mind and heart.  And that’s where the magic of transformation happens.

This hypnotic induction is also designed as a sacred place wherein you give birth to your full authenticity.  So while the idea of “a crucible” may sound scary, it is actually a place of ultimate safety, where you are safe to know yourself and become more fully you.

Here you will read actual transcripts of Dr. Hall’s fierce coaching conversations as he facilitates the unleashing from limitations to new possibilities with various people.  And inasmuch as this book is part of the Meta-Coaching series, it offers leaders, trainers, coaches, managers, and parents tools for unlearning old patterns.  When you do that, you activate the self-actualization process for unleashing your potentials.  And that will facilitate a generative change experience so that you fall in love with life and with your adventure of discovery and growth.  Are you ready to discover how to create a Crucible space for yourself and others?