NLP Incantations for Growth (1997)
L. Michael Hall & Barbara P. Belnap
Crown House Publications, paperback, 300 pages, $32

  • Are you ready for the wonder and magic of NLP?
  • Would you like a single volume with an extensive list of NLP patterns that you can easily reference?

Description: The Source Book of Magic opens with a brief introduction to NLP and immediately launches into a collection of the central 77 NLP patterns by which you can perform all kinds of magic in the world of your mind and emotions.  Sourcebook is a collection of the fundamental patterns of NLP to give you ready access to this field.

If 77 patterns seems overwhelming, relax.  Sourcebook sorts out these patterns into a number of categories: Basic Patterns, Parts, Identity, Emotional States, Language, Thinking Patterns, Meanings and Semantics, and Strategies.

Beyond the patterns for NLP Magic, Source Book provides a section on “How to think Like a Magician” which deals with the idea of patterns, how to know what to do when, and much more. Within this single book you will have a wide range of patterns by which you can transform habits, emotions, personality, and much more. This will give an overview of the field, and a sense of where NLP is going.

Now for the first time, you have in one volume all of the central NLP patterns. This makes for an excellent gift for counselors, coaches, managers, and anyone who has a passion to run his or her own brain.

Style and Audience: While Sourcebook introduces the specialized language of NLP, it does so in a highly readable way and so excellent for people new to this field.

Meta-States provides a wonderful way to learn and explore some powerful tools for running your own brain. The strength of the processes lies in how it truly introduces us into a universe of possibilities from which we can choose to live.”

Cynthia Tuma, Teacher