Adventures in Time
Advanced Patterns for Adventuring in Time

L. Michael Hall and Bobby G. Bodenhamer
Crown House Publ. paperback, 280 pages, $25

Description: As human beings, we live in time in a way that no other creature does. Time is one of the primary matrices of our mind. As temporal creatures, we have to cope with time —with the past, present, future. With living in these time zones, with traveling back and forth through time, with sequencing our time, with getting lost in time, with managing our time, etc.

Co-founder of NLP, Richard Bandler, created the domain known as “time-lines” in NLP and from that have evolved a number of time-line patterns. In Time-Lining (also titled, Adventures in Time) discover how to use the metaphor of “time” and many of the basic NLP patterns of time-lines. Time-Lining is the first and only book published in the field of NLP on time-lines since the original 1988 Time-Line Therapy by Woodsmall and James.

This advanced book on time-lines offers many new ideas and time-line patterns. It introduces numerous new time-line patterns that integrates many of the valuable contributions of General Semantics with the NLP model. It also explores “time” from other perspectives than just using the metaphor of a “line.”

In Time-Lining, explore time as “a nominalization of a nominalization” which makes it a multi-ordinal term (Korzybski). Then, using the Meta-States model, Dr. Hall has modeled “time” to distinguish 16 different kinds of “time” thereby giving the NLP Practitioner a much broader understanding of this whole dimension of experience.

Style and Audience: This is an advanced book that requires NLP knowledge.

“This book is a must for anyone who wants to stay current in the field, and especially for those who work with time and Time-Lines.”