UNLEASHED: A Guide To Your Ultimate Self Actualization


A Guide to Your Ultimate Self-Actualization (2007)
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.
Neuro-Semantic Publications, paperback, 300 pages, $25

Description: Everybody talks about self-actualization, yet most people are not selfactualizers. Most people play it safe. Seeking comfort, they avoid risk. Yet within all of us there is both the possibility and a fascination about unleashing our potentials. Why? Because we are made to actualize our best and become all that we can be. That’s the vision of self-actualization. Yet that’s the talk, how do we achieve it? How does the unleashing of human potential actually work?

Discover it in Unleashed! Discover how to unleash your highest potentials. This revolutionary work is a practical guide for taking your skills to new levels of peak performances and experiencing new levels of personal transformation. Unleashed is about the human journey that embraces the possibility of greatness. This is not an adventure for the faint of heart, it is for those ready to change themselves and their world. Are you ready to be unleashed?

Unleashed presents the self-actualizing process as a drama in three acts. These become three parts of the book: the Construct where we invent meaning, the Crucible where we experience transformation, and the Zone where we experience peak experiences and peak performances. Picking up the mantle of Abraham Maslow, Dr. Hall has extensively researched the Human Potential Movement of the Third Force in Psychology to understand why it ended, what caused its demise, and what critical pieces that Maslow and Rogers missed.

Unleashed is the first practical book on Self-Actualization in the lineage of Maslow and Rogers in 35 years and presents the best of Neuro-Semantic Self-Actualization along with many new models. In unleashed you’ll discover how the rigid pyramid of Maslow becomes a volcano of energy and transformation as you unleash your untapped potentials to become all you can become!

Life can be an adventure— explorative, meaningful, enriching, productive, and fun. Life doesn’t have to be merely endured and survived. You can thrive! You can live fully with love and humor, connection, and contribution. This is the vision of self actualization.

Style and Audience: Written for the general reader, an introduction book into the developmental psychology of Self-Actualization. For Coaches, Meta-Coaches, leaders, managers, parents, and anyone interested in self-development.