The Master Practitioner Course
Volume II (2002)

L. Michael Hall and Bob Bodenhamer
Crown House Publication, hardback, 459 pages, $60

Description: User’s Manual of the Brain, Volume II is the NLP Master Practitioner course. Unlike many Master Prac. courses that presents NLP as it was in 1980 or 1985, this Master Practitioner is current and up-to-date with the newer developments in the field. It includes the newer models developed in Neuro-Semantics to provide some of the most cutting-edge materials and patterns in NLP today.

User’s Manual – Volume II is unique also in that it presents a brand new systemic model of NLP based upon using the four meta-domains of NLP:

  • The linguistic domain: Meta-Model of language
  • The perceptual domain: Meta-Programs of perceptual filters
  • The states and levels domain: The Meta-States model of reflexivity
  • The editorial domain: Meta-Modalities or what has been called sub-modalities of the cinematic features that govern our mental movies.

As a systemic approach to NLP, Users, Volume II presents cutting edge material on systems, systems thinking, logical levels, and much more. The four meta-domains serves as a recursive model to pull together all of the pieces, patterns, models, and processes of NLP and sets it in a framework of for using such to redundantly look at the very structure of subjective experience.

Users, Volume II focuses pre-eminently on the theme of becoming masterful in using NLP. The focus on mastery is one of the key themes of this book, second only to systemic thinking. How does a person become truly masterful in a field? How long does it take? What are the steps and stages along the way? How do you know when you’ve become a master? If mastery a process, then what are its prerequisites? This book is a must for anybody and everybody who wants to stay up with the latest developments in the field of NLP and Neuro-Semantics.

Style and Audience: Advanced book for NLP Practitioners.

“This book is a jewel. Bob and Michael present a thorough, personable and easy to use comprehensive collection of what is the definitive Master Practitioner’s training. I also appreciate that the authors add a much-needed dimension of ethics and values in the learning and application of the powers of NLP, making it more personal and purposeful.”

John Burton, Ed.D.
LPC LPCS NLP Master Practitioner