Who will benefit from this training?

The Meta-Coach Training System ®

Meta-Coaching is for anyone who is passionate about supporting others in making permanent positive change, and who want to be at the forefront of human development and cognitive science.Specifically, Meta-Coaching is ideal for:

New coaches

Learn a powerful coaching model that you can use immediately. The beauty of this adaptive model is that you can build on it as you grow, you gain more coaching experience, and your business grows.

Experienced coaches

Give your clients the benefits of the most progressive cutting-edge coaching techniques available in the world. Add more than 300 coaching patterns to your ‘tool box’, and bring a ‘wow’ factor to your coaching.

NLP Practitioners and Meta-Master Practitioners

Find a profitable way to package your skills and differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Enhance your understanding and practice of Cognitive Sciences.

Teachers and Trainers

Use the complimentary power of training and coaching as effective tools for the development of students at any age.

Individuals committed to personal development

Meta-Coaching allows you to permanently take charge of your emotions and beliefs, and communicate more effectively with yourself and others. Change your thinking to transform your responses to life.

Sports coaches

Meta-Coaching supports performance at the highest level.It brings a profound understanding of what motivates a person to peak performance, and gives them the tools to stay motivated.

CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers and sales managers

Learn how to influence yourself and your employees so that you reach targets, achieve budget, overcome obstacles and exceed Key Performance Indicators.