FRAME GAMES: Become a Master Game Player

Are you tired of the Old Games that play you?
Are you ready to play an entirely new and fun game?
Would you like to Discover how to Become a Master Game Changer?

“I’ve been Framed!” I yelled.

I guess I should not have yelled that out in the middle of the coffee shop, but I was angry, mad as hell. I felt framed. No, no body had set me up to take the rap for some scandal. It wasn’t that. It was something very different–and something much more important. Someone had suggested some ideas and beliefs which creeped subtly into my brain and they were now running my mental programs. Somebody had set the frame in my mind and it was giving me a frame of mind that I absolutely did not want.

How about you? Have you ever found yourself in a state of mind and didn’t know how you had step into that way of thinking, feeling, or perceiving?

  • Perhaps I should ask, “Would you like to discover how it has happened to you and show you the way to escape from that frame?”

    After all, where did you get your current frame of mind, your point of view, your style of perceiving things? Did you invent it on your own? Of course not. You absorbed it. You sucked it in as you breathe air in– paying no attention at all to the frames that people and groups and culture and language itself set for the working of your brain.

    In other words–

    We All Play Games

    The Games we play spring from the Frames we set in our mind (hence, our frames-of reference, frames of mind). We learned to play all these Games. Some frame games empower us to use our mental and emotional powers efficiently, other frame games sabotage our effectiveness and poison our state of mind. Knowing about the Frame Game, and having the skills to play it with awareness, gives you choice about the games you’ll play and how to play them. Otherwise, the default games will play you.

    Eric Berne based his best seller, The Games People Play, upon psychoanalysis and created a Transactional Analysis, also popularized by Thomas Harris, I’m Okay, You’re Okay. Together they formatted a way to think about the games that people play in relating to themselves and others.

    The Frame Game now gives you an entirely new model of mind for the New Millennium. Based upon NLP and Meta-States, The Frame Game utilizes a simpler and newer model that has arise from the current research in the Cognitive Sciences regarding how the mind works and how it creates our programming for our states, experiences, skills, emotions, and perceptions.

    FRAME GAMES … Workshop & Training

    Recognizing When a Frame is the Problem

    If human “problems” (and “genius”) arise primarily from our frames-of-reference and frames of mind, then how can we tell if a given “problem” is really a frame problem? What gives us clue to this?

    • Do you know more than you do?
    • Do you know lots of ways to improve the quality of your life and yet for all that intelligence and wisdom you still can’t pull it off?
    • Have you been deluged with lots of good advice for solving your difficulty and yet the same problem continues to recur?
    • Do you feel “played” by some unknown game that keeps putting you through the same pattern over and over?
    • Does it seem that no matter what you do, the “system” seems to be plotting against you? (Whether the system is your work, family, body, etc.)
    • Does a certain way of thinking, feeling, or acting keep repeating itself and when you fight it, it gets stronger as if it resists being defeated?
    • Do you feel that you’re just going around in circles trying to find better solutions for developing better habits in eating, exercising, relating, succeeding, etc.?
    • Gives you a practical description of how the frame games that we play work, how to think about them, and how to use this information to say “No!” to stupid games that go nowhere, and how to invent new games that will bring out your best and be lots of fun playing.
    • Highlights the process for Detecting the Frame Games abroad in the world and in our lives, and how to Transform the Frame Games.
    • Provides an user friendly approach to learning how to think about the behaviors, emotions, and thoughts that trouble you, in yourself or another, and how to play the mind-games that you so choose.

    Why You Should Develop Expert Skills in Playing FRAME GAMES–

    • To gain practical insight about why people do the things they do & thereby read people effectively (including yourself)
    • To stop the old games that don’t work and which sabotage your effectiveness & to refuse to be played by games others impose
    • To take control of the higher forces in your mind-body that otherwise will “play” you
    • To quickly recognize the games that people play with us, their source and nature, and to effectively influence their mind-frames
    • To immediately recognize where people are “coming from” in order to join their games for increased rapport and trust
    • To install empowering attitudes (or frames of mind) in yourself (and others) and establish entirely new games to play
    • To learn the process of Frame Analysis to more effectively work with people
    • To take control of your brain, to set the frames you want and to feel a sense of control over your attitude regardless of what happens or what others do

    Learn to Play FRAME GAMES for Fun and Profit

    If you know about NLP, you know about the field that focuses on– How to Run Your Own Brain and Manage Your Own States. If you know about Meta-States you know about the field that focuses on managing the higher levels or states of mind and accessing your own personal genius.

    Now experience a brand new format for putting NLP and Meta-States together, The Frame Game. It’s all about the frames of mind that you use as you move through your world and the games that they initiate. It’s all about detecting the frame games so that you can then say “No!” to those that do not serve to enhance your life and how to say “Yes!” to the games that empower and delight. It’s also all about Design Engineering New and Empowering Frame Games that will touch your life with the kind of magic that you want for making more money, having more friends and fun, enjoying sex, becoming ferocious in learning, and making other “magic carpet rides” that you want become a reality.