INSIDE-OUT WEALTH – Holistic Wealth Creation

I had the privilege last weekend to present the Wealth Creation workshop again, this time in Montreal Canada.  This is one of my favor trainings because I have a particular passion and commitment— I want NLP people to become financially independent!  Actually, I want them rich! Why in the world would I want such a thing?  So that more of them operate from abundance instead of scarcity. And so that more of them devote themselves to making more and more available the richness in the NLP model.  And I want the same for Neuro-Semanticists world wide— to be rich enough to stop worrying about money and rich enough to richly contribute and make a difference.

I want that because I know what it is like to live from paycheck to paycheck and to constantly worry if you have enough to cover the expenses for the month.  I used to live that way.  That was my story for many, many years.  Then I got over my semantic distorted non-sense about money, wrote my first 10-year wealth creation plan and began implementing it.  Seven years later I reached my first goal— to be financially independent and make decisions based on what I want to do rather than what my financial condition required.

Now mention the word wealth and most people assume you are talking about money.   Silly people!  Wealth is about so much more than just finances.  Wealth is much wealthier than that!  Wealth, in its fullness, is about your quality of life, mind, and experience. It is about you living a life of abundance and enrichment inside and out.  And paradoxically, wealth involves things that money can’t buy—love,  vitality, health, relationships, peace of mind, compassion, meaning, etc.  As an inside-out phenomenon, wealth has four key dimensions: being – doing – having – and giving.

Now for years I’ve been meaning to put the secrets and the process of how to create inside-out wealth in book form.  And now I have.  Now there’s a book.  And the title?  Inside-Out Wealth. So now, for the first time ever, Inside-Out Wealth is available in book form.  What has been presented at the workshop in more than a dozen countries is now something you can get.  And in this book you will find all the secrets you will need for creating a solid financial foundation for yourself.

In Inside-Out Wealth you will discover secrets of wealth creation—personal, behavioral, interpersonal, and financial secrets for becoming truly rich in every area of life—in your mind, emotions, relationships, career, finances, creativity, etc.  Discover how to become financially stable, financially independent, and then financially free.  Discover how to tap into the heart of wealth so that your inner wealth becomes an ever-flowing spring for external wealth.  I also designed the book so that if you want some personalized Wealth Coaching, you can receive at the end of each chapter and begin creating and actualizing your own customized Wealth Creation Plan.  I want you rich—but do you want you rich?  Do you want it enough to do something about it?

To your Inside-Out Wealth!