Jason Schneider

jason2As a licensed Neuro-Semantic NLP Trainer based out of Miami Florida, Jason offers a range Neuro-Semantic training, coaching and mentoring programs in live & online formats.

With 10+ years of experience in the field he has helped train hundreds of practitioners from all walks of life to improve their communication skills, relationships, lives, and develop top of the line coaching skills.

He is known for his great acuity in recognizing, leveraging and transforming the unconscious programming that governs human emotions & behavior and he has a unique ability to effectively train others to replicate that excellence within themselves.

Over the past few years of training, speaking at conferences, and coaching people from all walks of life including top-end life coaches, entrepreneurs, sports coaches, professional athletes, CEOs, judges, law enforcement agents, psychologists, nurses, parents, teachers, and teenagers to improve their communication skills, coaching skills, and become better versions of themselves, he has taken it on as his personal mission to increase the standards and ethics across the field of NLP and promote awareness of the transformational power of Neuro-Semantics.

Whether you are new to NLP or an experienced Practitioner, Jason offers various services to easily and effectively integrate Neuro-Semantics into your life for personal development, professional development and enhanced coaching.

For more information on Jason Schneider and his work with NLP, Coaching & Neuro-Semantics you can join us at: PerceptionAcademy.com