The Science and Art of Higher Levels of Performance
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D., 2009, 228 pages, $25

Description: Neuro-semantics is all about embodied meanings. It is about getting the ideas that we know without doubt in our minds so that we deeply feel them in our bodies. It’s all about transferring the great concepts of the mind so that they become embodied in muscle memory. The source of this book was a previous book that L. Michael Hall originally wrote, “Make It So!” That was a book about the installation patterns and processes in Neuro-Semantic (2002).

Neuro-Semantics presents this as the process of closing the knowing-doing gap to incorporate in neurology your greatest and highest meaning frames. How does that happen? What patterns and processes enable us to install that deeply and profoundly? Now the book has been expanded and extended to focus on the self-actualization theme of peak performances.

Great dreams, inspiring visions, creative innovations, world-class strategies—all of these are important pieces of the puzzle for how to create greatness. Yet they are worthless if you don’t implement them. Knowing what to do is not enough; you must do what you know. You must act, execute, and translate into behavior. You must close the knowing-doing gap and get what you know in your head into your muscle memory. Then as you get yourself to take action—effective action—you’ll create the process for achieving peak performance.

Achieving Peak Performance presents the processes for closing the knowing-doing gap, finding your passion, and making it real in your life. Discover also the secrets of expertise and how to benchmark your progress and you will then be able to truly actualize your highest and best and move forward toward the greatness within you.

Achieving Peak Performance highlights the knowing-doing gap and addresses that gap in numerous ways: How to get yourself take effective action, how to implement performance; and how to eliminate performance blocks and interferences. One chapter includes the Self-Actualization Quadrants, the meta-levels of peak performance and another focuses on evaluating and measuring performance.

This rich and extensive work will enable you to take your skills to a whole  new level of competence. It will enable you to facilitate the development of  others as you consult and coach on the inner structure of achieving peak performance.

Style and Audience: Above the general reader level. This book is for people in the training and development field, coaches, Meta-Coaches, leaders, athletes.