Exploring the Structure and Meaning of Language (2001)
Formerly entitled, The Secrets of Magic (1998)
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. Crown House Pub., paperback, 333 pages, $39

Description: It all began with the Meta-Model—that’s the source of the magic of NLP and the art of modeling the structure of experience. Now revisit that model and discover the changes that occurred in it during the first twenty-five years of NLP.

“Presented in an easy, flowing and in a very readable style, this book brings the Meta-model right up to date and expands it considerably from its original beginnings. Nobody who uses NLP in any of its forms can afford not to read this book.”

The astonishing discovery that Bandler and Grinder made in 1975 with their
paradigm-shifting book, The Structure of Magic Vol. I & II, is that what seems like magic actually has structure. They showed that the “magic” was in the structure of the experience, that it was rule-governed, and therefore can be replicated. By examining the structure of three therapeutic experts (Satir, Perls, and Erickson) in their therapeutic “magic,” the Meta-Model of language was given birth.

25 years later Communication Magic takes a fresh look at the Meta-Model to update the original work of Bandler and Grinder. This book is about how language works in the human body (neurology) and mind (linguistics) to create the marvelous effects that it does. Discover the 9 new distinctions that Dr. Hall added to the Meta-Model from General Semantics and the Cognitive sciences. Learn also the Mind-Lines model as a way to use the distinctions conversationally to reframe meaning.

“The most compelling book on NLP I’ve ever read.”
“This update on the Meta-Model will update all of the previous books, making them obsolete. I consider this an absolutely essential book for anyone serious about NLP.”

Communication Magic revises, and substantially expands, the Meta-Model. Here Dr.Hall demonstrates how your life can be dramatically enriched by having complete control over how you communicate using language. In a clear and logical manner, he examines how language affects the mind-body system, how language can perform magic-like feats in the nervous system, and how this magic can empower us to take charge of our own lives.

Style and audience: Written at a level above the general reader, it is written for any student of communication, especially for NLP practitioners and trainers.