Executive Thinking

Executive Thinking
Activating Your Highest
Executive Thinking Potentials

Meta-Coaching Volume ….
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.
Neuro-Semantic Publications, paperback, $25.

Executive Thinking

The good news is that your brain anatomy equips you to think at higher executive levels. The neurology of your prefrontal cortex is designed for executive thinking.  But do you think like a high quality and successful executive?  Do you think like an executive in gathering information, questioning it, exploring possibilities, thinking long-term to check out consequences and repercussions, making intelligent decisions, etc.?  Doing all of this is an inherent part of your biological heritage.  Do you distinguish cause from symptoms, think systemically, and catch cognitive biases and flaws in your thinking?  To what degree is executive critical thinking on-line and operational in your life?

Executive Thinking explores the subject of thinking itself, the problems that thinking presents, and how to think more effectively.  It is about critical thinking, it is about creative thinking, it is about how to think things through, and how to avoid being manipulated by fallacious arguments.  It is about how to become a high quality thinker so you can enhance the quality of your experiences.  After all, The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life.

Executive Thinking introduces multiple models that will revolutionize your thinking competencies so you think, decide, and act as a successful executive and be your own best CEO.