Mastering the Game of Love (2004)
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D., NS Publications, 271 pages, $25

Description: Who are the great lovers? What are they like? For beginners, Great Lovers are great listeners and connectors. They extend themselves for others. They support, “ring your bells,” work through conflicts, seek first to understand, and rise above their moods to base the bonding on more than just mere emotion.

  • What are the games that those who know how to truly love play?
  • What frames of mind do they come from?
  • How can we become great lovers in all areas: seductive and sexual,
  • committed and bonding, playful and charming, loyal and faithful?
  • What games allow us to bond in a satisfying and lasting way?
  • What games enable us to work through challenges and to “fight” in a way that supports each person?
  • What games enable us to have fun and pleasure in everyday activities?
  • Are you ready to play the Love Game?
  • Are you ready to enrich your personal relationships?

Love is ultimately about your frames of mind. Your mental and emotional frames determine your thoughts-and-feelings of love, about love and loving, and about all of the facets that affect love—differences, bonding, connecting, communicating, conflicting, forgiving, caring, listening, playing, and pleasuring. Do you have the frames of mind and meaning that enable you to operate out of a rich and loving Matrix? Games Great Lovers Play exposes the old games that don’t work and invite you into some new that will powerfully enhance your loving. Your lover will love you for it!

Style and Audience: Readable for the general reader, no NLP knowledge required.

What Dr. Michael Hall is presenting is truly a new area of NLP that solidly integrates with the rest of NLP; it brings a completeness to NLP that’s greatly needed.”

Tommy Belk, MA, M.Div. LPC