Hypnotic Thinking

Hypnotic Thinking

If you read Executive Thinking, if you attended Brain Camp, if you read Thinking Like a Modeler — then you’ll love Hypnotic Thinking.

And later when things get back to normal, you’ll love the training in Thinking Hypnotically For Effective Communication. That is the training, it is scheduled in Cairo Egypt Feb. 2021. And after that? Hypnotic Conversations.

While everybody thinks hypnotically, that is not a common perceptive. More commonly, we think of hypnosis and trance as strange, mysterious, and possibly dangerous. Yet thinking hypnotically simply describes how you go inside, narrow your focus of attention, and activate ideo-dynamic functions in your mind-body system. These ideo-motor responses then can activate hypnotic phenomena which do seem quite extraordinary—hallucinations, age regression, age progression, time distortions, amnesia, anesthesia, pain relief, healing, vivid memories, etc.

Your ability to intentionally think hypnotically enables you to manage your mind, emotions, body, and life to a greater extent than you have ever thought possible. This ability enables you to access your best trance states—the learning trance, healing trance, creativity trance, love trance, writing trance, athletic trance, etc. Thinking hypnotically can empower you in your problem-solving skills, developing expertise in your chosen area, and turning on your best relational skills to enrich your world with love, compassion, excitement, curiosity, etc.

Ultimately, hypnosis is communication. A special form of mind-body communication, you can integrate what and how you conceptualize things and how you perform them in the outside world. It is communication for tapping into your potentials, getting yourself to do what you want, and staying mentally, emotionally, and physically alive and healthy, unleashing your ability to actualize your highest and best. If you’re ready to turn on your hypnotic powers for better memory, skill development, well-being, and vitality—welcome to Thinking Hypnotically.