Mastering Your Wealth Matrix
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. Spiral Training Manual, 120 pages, $35

Description: This spiral-bound training manual is the actual manual that L. Michael Hall uses in the Wealth Creation Trainings. It is organized using the Matrix Model and is designed to help build the frames-of-mind and meaning that characterize the self-made, first-generation rich millionaires— hence, to enable you to think lie a millionaire.
  • What games do the first-generation rich, self-made millionaires play?
  • What about those people who not only build financial wealth and independence, but who do so in a way that allows them to experience the full range of “wealth”—physically, mentally, emotionally, personally, interpersonally, spiritually? What are their games?

“I began the process of modeling wealth building to use the model first for myself. I wanted the strategy. I wanted the financial independence so that I could pursue the things I really love and care about. Now that I have experienced that for myself, and know that it works, I especially want to give that strategy to the Neuro-Semantic trainers and the Meta-Coaches so that they could do the same.”

“It’s a funny thing. Living by the frames of abundance and possibility, I began playing the games of the wealthy and have found that there are a dozen basic secrets. Among them is the central key—implementing what you know to do. This has added a critical factor to the field of Neuro-Semantics—closing the knowing-doing gap and taking action on the principles of wealth building. On a personal level, this has given me a financial independence that for years I had only dreamed about.”

What will you be able to do with this manual?

  • Use the Neuro-Semantic patterns for making the needed changes so that you can become a wealth creator.
  • Adopt dozens of new frames about wealth, what it is, and how to create it.
  • Write a ten-year Wealth Creation Plan custom designed for you.
  • Identify how self-made millionaires think and how close or far you are from that way of thinking and perceiving.
  • Discover what true wealth is and how to create it in an inside-out way.

Style and Audience: This is a training manual and not a book. It is written for anyone who wants to know and develop their own strategy for creating wealth and becoming a wealth creator.