Directing the Theater of Your Mind (2003)
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. NSP. paperback, 200 pages, $20

Description: Your mind is like a Movie . . . on your internal big screen you flash snapshots of sights, images, and scenarios and you also play snippets of movie sequences and sometimes even some full-length epic features. You do it all in that private entertainment center of your “mind.” This is how you “think” and “learn” . . . as well as (and this is the scary part) “reason.”

What happens when you close your eyes or just de-focus them, and “think” about things? What movies play out on the theater of your mind? Horror movies that would make Stephen King shake with fright? Sex movies to rival porn? Adventure movies! Sci-Fi flicks that would make Stephen Spielberg jealous? Love and romance movies? Documentaries? News reels? Drama? Soap operas? Police and detective cinemas? Cowboy movies? The range of movies goes on and on.

Whatever plays governs your states, emotions, feelings, behaviors, skills, worldviews, perceptions, health, and life. Whatever plays governs what’s on your mind. Yet the higher levels of your mind determine even more important things, e.g., why you watch what you watch. You can even step back from the movies to take control of the productions, edit and direct them as you choose. After all, it’s your brain.

MovieMind is the newest work in the field of the cognitive sciences. It offers a user friendly application of the models and patterns that allow you to run your own brain. Of course, when you can do that, then you can manage your own states and take charge of your own life. In MovieMind, learn how to —

  • Stop playing all B-rated movies in your head
  • Film, create, and/or produce grand productions for your internal theater
  • Take control of your movies as editor, director, and producer
  • Quality control your movies
  • Step in and out of the movies to enhance your own resourcefulness

If everything in your life from your success, health, wealth, relationships, everything results from the movies in your mind, the key is to know how to take charge of your MovieMind. When you wake up to your MovieMind and begin to take control of it—you can develop the skills for improving your thinking, reasoning, intelligence, communication skills, emotional intelligence, relationships, business success, health and fitness, and much more. It’s not a panacea. It is the way your mind works and how you can work much more effectively with your mind.

Style and Audience: For the general reader.