The Meta Place

The Meta Place

Exploring Your Mind’s Inner Landscape


You live in two worlds—the outside world of sights, sounds, sensations, smells and tastes and the inside world of ideas, thoughts, memories, imaginations, beliefs, etc. The outside world is given; the inside world is what you make of the outside world. What you see, hear, and feel in the outside world—you bring inside and create the world of mind.

It is your meta place, control central of your experiences that governs life from the inside–out. When you learn to master your meta place, to see it, to enter it, to design it, to transform it, you then become the master of your own fate, your experiences, and the quality of your life.

Your meta place is a rich, wondrous, and mysterious world. It is the hidden and invisible world that you live in and that you operate from. Its development is a gift to you—what you fill it with, however, is your gift to yourself. It is what makes you uniquely you. What you do with your capacities is your choice and responsibility. And while you may have had very limited choices as a child growing up, as an adult, you are now free to make it as you will. So as an adventure in being human, make it a great one.

While some people put up a sign, “Closed for business,” and try their best to avoid, deny, and reject their meta place, but in the long run, it does not work. To be human is to have and live from the inner world of your mind and memory. The meta place describes the architecture of that place and this book gives you the keys for how to manage your meta place with grace, elegance, humor, and power.