Self-Actualizing Leaders and Companies (2009)
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.
NSP, 280 pages, $25

Why another book on Leadership? Because even though we have most or all of the pieces of the puzzle for creating great visionary companies, we don’t have the framework. Unleashing Leadership offers that framework.

Based on the pioneering work of Abraham Maslow, Dr. Hall has identified the
missing frame for unleashing the leadership and creativity for a great  company—a company where people are at their best, their potentials are being unleashed, and where people experience work as a passion. The new framework makes explicit the premises about human nature—the self-actualizing drive that enables people to rise to their best. Leaders and managers now have all they need to create Self-Actualizing Companies— companies fully able to tap into and unleash the human capital of
productivity, creativity, innovation, passion, and engagement. Companies where customers become loyal fans because of the way employees treat people and employees become loyal participants because of how they are treated by management.

Unleashing Leadership is cutting-edge psychology for organizations who want to become effective, productive, and humane. Everybody connected with business (leaders, managers, employees, customers, investors) needs meaning in work, products and services—meaning that enables them to actualize their highest and best.

The jury is no longer out on what makes great companies— it is passionate people who are completely engaged using their creative and intellectual assets—and this book gives leaders the how for using this missing frame of the puzzle to lead a self-actualizing company.

“This is a timely book … an opportunity to explore the human side of leadership in organizations . . . by fitting many known jigsaw pieces of our knowledge on leadership into Maslow’s self-actualizing frame. A practical resource for leaders as well as their coaches.” Dr. Yvonne Sum