The NLP Practitioner Course
Volume I (2000)

Bob Bodenhamer & L. Michael Hall
Crown House Publications, hardback, 397 pages, $60

“Very readable and most practical,”
“Presents the heart and soul of NLP.”

Description: For the first twenty-five years of NLP, no one took the time or trouble to put the Practitioner training in NLP into a book. The only way a person could learn that information in those years was at a live training or by picking up bits and pieces in dozens of books. But in 2000, Bob Bodenhamer and L. Michael Hall changed all of that.

Taking what they had developed over the years of training NLP and from their own training with Bandler, James, Dilts, and others, they created the first (and only) textbook on NLP. Users presents the full content of NLP practitioner training. So as a textbook, Users is a massive volume that presents the heart of the Practitioner course.

To make this work exceptionally readable, Users includes such “text boxes” to emphasize key points, introductions in each chapter for the various domains of NLP, and discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Additionally, there is an extensive bibliography and glossary.

In Users, NLP is sequentially presented in that each section builds on the previous one leading the user to ever higher levels of expertise. With a mixture of presentation, example, thought experiments, case studies, outlines, metaphors, etc. the manual trains both conscious and unconscious minds for competence.

Finally, you will also find truly cutting-edge material here by L. Michael Hall.
Included in this manual is the latest discovery that the so-called  “sub-modalities” are actually meta-level frames or Meta-Modalities that set editorial frames on our representations. There is also some incorporation of the Meta-States model to explain the magic of NLP. Of the few NLP manuals available today, not a single one incorporates these newly identified facets.

Style and Audience: This book is written as a textbook and is above the general reader. It is designed for the person new to NLP as a complete introduction to the full NLP model.