SELF-ACTUALIZATION TRAINING – Meta Reflections 2013 #3

January 14, 2013

Are you ready for training in actualizing (making real) yourself and your potentials?  Are you aware that this is precisely what you and all of us are made for?  And are you aware that this is what ultimately will make you “happy?”  And that this is what allows you to fully blossom and come alive to life’s richness and possibilities?  If so, then this may be the year that you begin your own self-actualizing journey and to Seek the Peak of your potentials.

The Neuro-Semantic Discovery of Self-Actualization And Creation of the Seeking the Peak Trainings

A number of years ago I stumbled upon a discovery that truly surprised me. Maybe surprise is not the right word, perhaps shock would be more accurate. I was surprisingly shocked when I discovered who was actually involved at Esalen during the first Human Potential Movement (HPM).  And who was there? Why the very who’s who of NLP- Gregory Bateson, Fritz Perl, and Virginia Satir!

Yet there’s more.  They were not only at the heart of the first HPM, and the first persons at Esalen which was created to launch the movement and to be the Think Tank of the movement, but they were second or third generation leaders of the Human Potential Movement.

That was shocking enough- the very persons modeled by Bandler and Grinder to create the NLP Communication Model were leaders of the first HPM. But the next shock surprised me even further.  As I looked into the presuppositions of NLP, the presuppositions that came from Bateson, Perls, and Satir, I discovered that they did not come from them, they came through them.  They came from Maslow and Rogers and the other original thinkers of the HPM.  How about that!

Digging deeper and deeper into all of this by re-reading and reading afresh the original works of the HPM leaders, another surprise emerged.  I had always thought that the first real modeling of people of excellence began with the NLP Modeling of Fritz and Satir and Erickson.  Wrong again.

Forty-five years before that modeling, and before either Bandler or Grinder were born (!), Maslow had launched his modeling of self-actualizing people. He started with Max Wertheimer (co-founder of Gestalt Psychology) and Ruth Benedict (mentor to Margaret Mead, wife of Gregory Bateson, founder of Cultural Anthropology).

Neuro-Semantics’ Self-Actualization Training

After I made those discoveries from 2004 to 2007, I launched the first Self-Actualization training and began training Neuro-Semantic Trainers for training it.  In the years that followed, three more trainings were developed.  By 2010 there were 4 workshops.  Then at the end of 2012 we put all of them together to create a Diploma in Self-Actualization Psychology. That training occurred just recently in Hong Kong under the sponsorship of Mandy Chai and APTI (Asia Professional Training Institute) and was a tremendous success.

Yet that is just the beginning.  Among the 22 Trainers at that training, many of them are planning to run one or more of the modules and some will eventually be training all four for the Neuro-Semantic Diploma.  So now, there is a very specific process whereby you can be trained in Self-Actualization!  What are the four modules?

  • Module 1:        Unleashing Personal Vitality            – Energy to Live Fully
  • Module 2:        Unleashing Personal Potentials      – Alive to your Uniqueness
  • Module 3:        Unleashing Creativity                         – Creative Problem-Solving
  • Module 4:        Unleashing Leadership                      – Bringing out the Best in Others

Here is the content of Seeking the Peak Trainings that you will be hearing about and seeing as modules that many Neuro-Semantic Trainers will be conducting this year and in the coming years.  The numbers indicate the theme of the 3-day modules, these are shorted in the full 8 day program to two-days each.

Module I: Unleashing Vitality
Your Highest & Best Energy for being Fully Alive / Fully Human
Energies for becoming Alive for the Higher Life: Discover your Real Self.

  1. Developing Your Base – for Vitality in Self-Actualizing.
  2. Seeking Your Peak – for a highly energized Meta-Life.
  3. Living the Vitality – for the Eyes of the self-actualizing life.

Module II: Unleashing Potentials
Your Highest & Best Meaningful Performances: How to Actualize Your Highest and Best

  1. The Construct: Meaning, Meaning-construction.
  2. The Crucible: Transformation of old Meanings that diminish you.
  3. The Zone: In the Zone of Peak Experiences.

Module III: Unleashing Creative Solutions
Creativity for well-formed Coaching Conversations for Creative Problem-Solving.

  1. Well-formed Outcome –  designing a compelling future.
  2. Well-formed Problem –   defining the interferences and challenges.
  3. Well-formed Solution –   creatively resolving the problems.
  4. Well-formed Innovation -actualizing it in the real world.

Module IV: Unleashing Leadership
Self-Actualizing Leaders and Companies for Peak Performance Organizations

  1. The New Leadership: Self-Actualizing Leaders who bring out the best in others.
  2. Your Self-Actualizing Leadership Matrix for being an authentic leader.
  3. Leading a Seeking-the-Peak Self-Actualizing Company with 3 bottom-lines.

This is just the beginning of our focus on enabling people to actualize their highest visions into their best performances.  In this new year, myself and many of the other Neuro-Semantic Trainers will be presenting one or more (or all) of these Self-Actualization Training Modules.  The next time that the whole series, the Seeking the Peak series will be presented will be in May in Rio de Janiero, Brazil (May 25 to 31 and June 1-3).  If you are interested, contact: Dr. Jairo Mancilha –

See L. Michael Hall’s training schedule here.

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.