Unique?   Special?  How?  In what way?

It’s unique because our design here is to build on the revolutionary work of a 20th century visionary—  Abraham Maslow.   What Maslow initiated in pioneering the bright side of human nature and leading the first Human Potential Movement (which occurred during the 1960s and 1970s).

It’s special because we are continuing the Self-Actualization vision of Maslow by standing on his shoulders (and those of the other leaders in that first Human Potential Movement) and so extending it  into the 21st century with many new models that practically apply the theories and premises of humanistic psychology.

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

Here you will find brand new developments of the idea and process of self-actualization which will give you the ability to actually understand and use the self-actualizing process for unleashing more and more of your potentials.

Neuro-Semantics is an inter-disciplinary field built upon the work of Alfred Korzybski in General Semantics, Gregory Bateson as an Anthropologist and System thinker, Bandler and Grinder in NLP who created a Communication Model for modeling human excellence based on Cognitive Behavioral premises from George Miller, Noam Chomsky, and many others.  Neuro-Semantics also grew out of the work of my work (L. Michael Hall) in modeling the special kind of consciousness or mind that we humans have— self-reflexive consciousness.  So, in Neuro-Semantics, we focus primarily on the human meaning-making powers and potentials and how we actualize them in our everyday actions, hence the two axes that creates the Self-Actualization Quadrants — Meaning and Performance.

Key Self-Actualization Models of Neuro-Semantics:

The Self-Actualization Matrix — The Pyramid Embedded Matrix that transforms the Pyramid into a Volcano of energy.

The Self-Actualization Quadrants — based on the Meaning and Performance Axes.

The Construct, the Crucible, and the Zone of Self-Actualization — defining the unleashing process (as detailed in Unleashed, 2007)

The Meta-States Model — Modeling self-reflexive consciousness and the multiple layers of awareness that make up the frames in the back of the mind.

The Self-Actualization Workshops
The Neuro-Semantic training workshops for enabling and facilitating the self-actualizing life.

The unleashing process of self-actualizing is a journey inward that will take you through a thousand rabbit holes as you explore the depths and heights of your inner games before it brings you out into the outer world of performance.  And that is where you will find the excitement of the outer game and peak performances.  All of this is like taking the Red Pill.  So obviously, it is not for the faint of heart, but for the adventurous.

Achieve dependable, powerful results

The Ultimate Self-Actualization Workshop finally showed me how to integrate my highest meanings with my best performances in work and life. Also, while many great achievers like Lance Armstrong and Nelson Mandela had to ‘suffer’ before achieving greatness, we don’t all have to get cancer or go to prison to achieve greatness. There is an easier and simpler way to actualize ourselves!”

Andrew Tham, Certified Trainer of Neuro-Semantics, Malaysia

“There is always something that prevents one from taking the next step. What the Self Actualisation Workshop gives is the chance to rediscover all those important things that you have always know at a very deep level. It allows you to reclaim your inner spirit that may have been hidden by distorted or limiting beliefs of your ability. It gives you the opportunity to recharge your emotional and mental capacities and awaken new possibilities. The training has given me the answers on how to drive myself to my best. It’s an amazing training! Michael Hall gives you the tools to enrich, connect and contribute in your life! The training is for everyone, so join in!”

-Rosie Davoli, Beyond Muscle

Transform your life: develop your full potential
Through the cutting edge models from Neuro-Semantics that take Maslow’s work to a whole new level by filling in the pieces that Maslow missed.


Secrets to unwaivering self confidence, boldness, and ability to see and seize opportunities and live your dreams.

Get the exact, proven system that thousands have successfully used to instantly enter a state of accelerated learning, enhanced memory and laser like focus.

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Want to be able to handle “difficult” people or “hotheads” with ease? You’ll wonder how you ever got by in the past without the new skills you’ve gained through Self Actualization.

Learn the mind to muscle pattern in order to fully and effortlessly embody any belief that enhances you life. You can immediately and fully be overflowing with wonder, deserving of love and the best the world has to offer, free of failure, living life passionately, toweringly confident, immensely creative, or feeling deep fascination.

Discover your unique largest purpose in life – why you are here, what you are living for and and what you have to contribute.

Become unleashed from anything that holds you back from your full potential.

Imagine what it would be like to actually live a life full of peak experiences, happiness, joy, fulfillment, meaning AND consistently perform at your peak potential. People who practice Self Actualization Psychology do just this. Why? Because they are able to both create the empowering attitudes and rich meanings and purpose in their lives and consistently develop skills and advanced level competencies.

Three hidden keys to resilience that will allow you to overcome any obstacle you face and avoid or quickly recover from any setback

Discover systems for effective feedback that enable you to learn new skills and competencies with incredible speed and reliability. Use these in your business or career – after learning these techniques, one former student of Self Actualization Psychology went on to be highly paid implementing these systems at the United Nations.

Have all the tools you need to model the top achievers in any field and begin to replicate their success.

Why its ridiculously easy to meet even the most challenging situations with humor, magnanimity, compassion, dignity, curiosity or which ever mental/emotional states serve you best.

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Avoid all the hype, guru’s and unproven theories, and work directly with a system based on walking the talk, and providing lasting, measurable results.

Find the easiest, simplest way to create strong connections and rapport with others.

Learn methods that are actually easy to learn and practical for you to use.

Think the life of your dreams is beyond your reach? Think again! Everybody has untold potential hidden inside them, just waiting to pop out. Self Actualization will show you how to uncover the natural genius that slumbers within.

Save thousands of dollars and countless hours of wasted time and effort on trial and error learning and attempts to reach you goals in life without proven methods. Most people waste large portions of their life and endure huge amounts of pain, rejection and disappointment trying to reach their goals using outdated or ineffective patterns of behavior that fail to produce the desired results again and again. You’ll probably make the same mistakes without Self Actualization on your side:

“if you keep on doing what you have always done, you’ll keep on getting what you have always gotten”.

Self Actualization will show you step-by-step what to do and how to do it using the same system used by some of the top educators, managers and leaders around the world.

Use the same motivational secrets that the leading marketing firms employ and propel yourself toward success.