MODELING BEYOND BELIEFS – 2013 Meta Reflections #22

Modeling any experience inevitably involves modeling beliefs. Whether you are modeling an experience of excellence or an experience of dysfunction and pathology, beliefs are involved. They drive the experience. That’s why every NLP modeling process that I’ve seen to date involves examining the beliefs that are involved in the experience. We do that explicitly in Neuro-Semantics by examining the belief system, that is, the system of beliefs which make up the person’s matrix of frames about something. Yet there is something more within complex human experiences- something that transcends beliefs.

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Modeling Excellence Series #13

In the last article in this series, I contrasted two very different kinds of “subjective experiences,” short-term and long-term experiences. In doing so I also contrasted the genius of NLP to the genius of Neuro-Semantics. My point was that what NLP began regarding modeling the structure of experience, Neuro-Semantics has continued and expanded with the Meta-States Model and the Matrix Model. Here as I continue that discussion, I’ll use resilience as an example. I’ll do that because it is easy to comprehend and because it was the modeling project from which I discovered the Meta-States Model.

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