I landed in Mexico City recently and after a day of indepth Coach training for benchmarking with our Team Leaders — we spent that evening launching the first two Meta-Coach books in Spanish. This occurred on April 14th at the International Conference Center in a seminar room and all of this was created by Maru Eugenia Martinez.

So that evening we launched Coaching Change and Winning the Inner Game. Neuro-SemanticistsDavid Murphy was the MC (master of ceremonies) at the event, Maru Eugenia Martinez introduced the first Meta-Coaching book, and Omar Salom spoke about the Frame Games book.  I then had a chance to tell the “true” hidden story behind all of this!

It was eleven years ago that I made my first presentation of Neuro-Semantics in Mexico.  That’s when I first presented the Meta-States Model in the APG (Accessing Personal Genius) training at Monterrey Mexico with Maria Luisa Rodriguez.  And at that time I began hearing voices from many, many people, “Are there any of your books in Spanish?”  “We would like to have this material in Spanish.”  And that continued for more than a decade with the voices getting louder and more insistent as each year passed.

When I visited Chiapas Mexico where David Murphy is a licensed Neuro-Semantic Trainer (and now a Meta-Coach Trainer), the translator for me there, Bárbara Sierra, was so captivated by the Neuro-Semantic approach that she took it upon herself to begin translating Coaching Change in Spanish.  And so for a year or two, we had the manuscript translated, but no publisher.  That’s when Maru entered the scene.  As a self-confessed “doer,” Maru got busy knocking on doors, making calls, and using her persuasion skills to find a publisher.  Finally she found Trillas and more than a year ago, with Maru’s tutelage, I made an agreement with Trillas to publish it.  And so using Barbara’s basic text, the translation was updated and finally last week published.

Now for a doer, seeing that it was taking a year to publish a manuscript, she considered that ridiculous especially given that the manuscript was already translated.  So Maru, having watched the process and consulted with me about publishing, took it on herself to have Winning the Inner Gametranslated and published — which she achieved in 4 months—one-third of the time that it took for a professional publishing company!  And as an aside, this is the spirit of Neuro-Semantics, the spirit that makes things happens! [Think mind-to-muscle, think actualizing best performances!]  Maru hired Flor Montero, who has been our translator at the Meta-Coach Trainings for four years, do the translation.

So following the Neuro-Semantic premise, We can do so much more together than alone or apart, it took a community to make this happen.  And what has begun will now allow Meta-Coaching in Latin America and Spain to begin to grow exponentially as more and more people will have access to the foundational books.  And in the meantime, a publishing company in Madrid Spain has translatedUser’s Manual of the Brain, Volume I (which is the basic NLP Practitioner course) into Spanish!

Here’s a great big Meta-High Five to Omar, David, Barbara, and especially Maru for their vision, their passion, and their practical commitment to Neuro-Semantics in Mexico and Latin America!  Well done!

Want a copy?? Great — here is some contact information to reach Maru: