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MATRIX MODELING – 2013 Meta Reflections #19

While The Matrix Model originated from the Meta-States Model and not from any particular modeling, Bob Bodenhamer and I immediately used it as a modeling tool as we applied it to the experience of stuttering. And in doing that we realized that we could use this model as a format or tool for modeling any human experience and especially complex human experiences. In fact, the more systemic the experience, the more the useful the Matrix Model became.

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MODELING FRAMES – 2013 Meta Reflections #17

To meta-state is to classify and that means framing and reframing and outframing, all of which lie at the heart of modeling.

Now when you are modeling any complex state or human experience, you have to flush out the frames that governs that experience. If you cannot do that, you will not be able to actually understand the experience let alone replicate it if it is a state of excellence that you want to adopt for yourself and others. This raises lots of questions about modeling.

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WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL ABOUT COACHING? – Meta Reflections 2013 #15

I returned to my home in Colorado this past week and in returning lots of calls to people, I had the opportunity to talk to lots of people about both the Meta-Coaching System and the Neuro-Semantic Conference in Malaysia this year which we have designated a “Coaching Conference” with 18 workshops … all of them related to the field of Coaching. One person seemed to be genuinely surprised that we are devoting the Second International Conference of Neuro-Semantics to Coaching, and asked why. “What’s the big deal about Coaching?”

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What is NLP? How can we define it?

There are two answers that I like to give. First, NLP is a Communication Model and second, NLP is a Modeling Model. Yes, it can be framed as involving other things- a technology of excellence, a format for self-development, the success formula. Yet those ways of defining it are typically P.R. definitions, that is, definitions that serve the purpose of selling NLP. They are not truly descriptions of what it is.

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SELF-ACTUALIZATION TRAINING – Meta Reflections 2013 #3

Are you ready for training in actualizing (making real) yourself and your potentials? Are you aware that this is precisely what you and all of us are made for? And are you aware that this is what ultimately will make you “happy?” And that this is what allows you to fully blossom and come alive to life’s richness and possibilities? If so, then this may be the year that you begin your own self-actualizing journey and to Seek the Peak of your potentials.

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A vision was dreamed a number of years ago to have an International Neuro-Semantic Conference every other year. First, we dreamed it and then we actualized it. The first Conference was in 2011 in Colorado where the Meta-States Model originated and where Neuro-Semantics was originally launched. The next one will be on the other side of the planet from Colorado – in Malaysia and specifically in Kuala Lumpur (just north of Singapore which is north of Australia).

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2013 – a new year has just arrived! And what does that mean? Lots of things. One meaning is about time: the field of NLP is now 38 years old (1975), the field of Neuro-Semantics is now 19 years old (1994), and this past November we celebrated the 10th year of Meta-Coaching. And to put everything into historical perspective, the beginning of the first Human Potential Movement occurred 74 years old (1938). I put it beginning in 1938 because that was the year that Abraham Maslow began the first modeling of excellence project- when he began his “Good Humans Studies” using Ruth Benedict and Max Wertheimer as his first self-actualizing subjects.

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