Neuro-Semantics Videos

Psychology of APG DVDs

Neuro Semantics Psychology of AGP DVD The Psychology of APG is a training on the psychology that informs both NLP and Meta-States. The 6 DVDs covers the 3-day training that occurred in 2012 in Colorado.

The investment for the DVDs is $79

The investment for the Training Manuals is $35

Or both for just $100

Expert Coach Series DVDs

Neuro Semantics Expert Coach Series DVD The first set of DVDs in the Expert Coach series presents five coaching sessions by Master Coach, Graham Richard of Sydney Australia. Filmed in Brussels, October 2014, there is also an interview of Graham about Executive Coaching by L. Michael Hall. Each coaching sessions ends with a debriefing that Dr. Hall does with Graham and the audience.

The investment for the DVDs is $59

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