Vision and USP



L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

Every business needs a clearly focused vision that precisely and accurately describes what it does and what it does that makes it unique. One way to think about vision is to view it in terms of one’s unique selling proposition (USP). Running with our vision in Neuro-Semantics, what is our USP?

If the seven words of our mission relate to

___ Meaning
___ Performance
___ Collaborative (cooperative, team spirit)
___ Relationship (respect)
___ Congruence (integrity, walking the talk)
___ Abundance (generosity)
___ Professional (ethical, business acumen)

then how can we express our USP? To discover this, let’s explore the core competencies that define our focus and passion. What do we care about? What do we focus on? What are we passionate about?

Neuro-Semantics as a Brand

What does the term neuro-semantics reveals about our focus and USP?

Semanticsannounces that our focus is on meaning, significance, value, purpose, intention, representation, and language. It proclaims that at the core of our processes nad models will be the question of what something means and how meaningful it is for us. It highlights that our focus will be on our competency of creating rich and robust meaning and how the framing of significance governs the quality of our lives and our self-actualization.

Neuro-announces that we will equally focus on the incorporation or embodiment of meaning into our neurology, our nervous systems, our body and physiology. The uniqueness of what we offer is not just a mental thing, a head trip, but equally involves how our body registers, holds, transforms, and expresses the higher meanings that we create. This makes Neuro-Semantics holistic and systemic in nature.

Given that, what do we passionately care about and focus on and that describes our central core competences?

Core Competency #1) We Detect and Transform Frames

Human reality is framed, constructed, and invented. It is constructed of frames. Detect frames and you have the key to any person’s mind and emotions (including your own). Accept and acknowledge the frames, respect the person above and beyond the frames, and you have the pathway for entering anyone’s inner world of frames —his or her Matrix. Question, explore, and disclose your own ideas and suggestions and you can set new frames and transform old frames. That makes Neuro-SemantistsInner World Change Agents.

We often get stuck in our frames, and inner worlds of emotions, because we use heavy terms which freeze processes and deceive us into thinking we are stuck. Reframing the static world so that it comes alive with actions and processes again unfreezes the limiting words that lock us into various language boxes. We can now lead out to new freedom, power, flexibility, and choice by using light terms and action terms that present process to us.

In our Matrix, “things” are only as real as the meanings we give them. The neuro-semantics of things takes us to the heart of meaning and meaning-maker. We can now explore the multiple layers of meanings.

Core Competency #2) We work with and coach the Mind-Body-Emotion System for Personal Empowerment.

While we often talk about our “mind” and our “body” as if they were separate things, they actually work together as a whole and can only be separated in language, the way we talk about things, and not in reality. In reality, we have a mind-body-emotion system. So the real question is, how to work with this interconnected system and effective enhance it? In Neuro-Semantics the answer is the coaching or facilitating process.

I cannot “run” your brain. Running my own brain is my own full time job! Yet in knowing how brains work and having a good understanding of the dynamic self-reflexive system by which we think, feel, understand, value, believe, etc., we can facilitate the enhanced effectiveness of our mind-body system. And that’s our focus in Neuro-Semantics.

Core Competency #3) We Dance with the Process of Change to facilitate higher level Change.

We create our frame reality (matrix) and can habituate it so that it becomes “solid,” stable, and dependable. Then the world changes, this challenges us to adjust our frame reality. This challenges us to change. The Axes of Change model gives us the dance steps. We can now take charge of change, of the change process, and we can mindfully coach or facilitate ourselves and others through that process.

Change is extremely personal, even if it is just change of actions and behaviors. Change of mind, thinking, valuing, understanding, meaning is even more personal. This calls for change agents who work with effectively with meaning.

Core Competency #4) We identify and unleash potentials in facilitating Self-Actualization.

A key focus in Neuro-Semantics is that of tapping into the vast potentials within people and enabling them to unleash it for mastery. To do that, the Neuro-Semantic models about self-actualization has enabled us to understand the processes for unleashing human potentials.