Vision Mission and Values

Vision, Mission, and Values

The Vision:

Our original Vision was to take NLP to a higher level ethically and professionally.  It was to call together an international community of professional men and women who apply NLP and Neuro-Semantics to themselves so that they live it.  Our vision has now evolved to enable people everywhere to live with meaning, to translate meaningfulness into lived expressions and to close the knowing–doing gap.  Our vision is unleash one’s highest meanings into one’s best performances.

Our vision is to facilitate a collaborative community of people who apply the patterns to themselves, who congruently “walk their talk” and live with integrity.  Our collaborative vision is to be able that we will achieve so much more together than alone or apart.  We seek to do that via win/win collegial relationships and mutual accountability.

The Mission:

Our Mission is to model the structure of expertise in many areas of human experiences and to fulfil the vision of people actualizing their highest and best.   We seek to extend our understanding of human excellence and to create effective patterns for improving the quality of individuals, families, organizations, and nations.  By training, coaching, therapy, etc. we seek to enable people to develop higher level skills for creativity, resilience, collaboration, and self-actualization.  Our mission is to create new models and patterns for improving the quality of life for all on this planet.  Our mission to produce the most robust performances of our highest and most inspiring meanings.

The Values

1) Apply to self: Self-reflection, self-application, congruence, self management skills.

2) Collaboration.  Getting along with others, being good team members, contributing, being humble and respectful, recognizing the innate dignity of persons, distinguishing person and behavior, looking for positive intentions.

3) High Performances: Taking effective action, receiving feedback to refine skills to become productive and efficient.

4) Abundance: Creating wealth, leading by going first, giving back to others, contributing,

5) Responsibility: Assuming personal responsibility, eliminating excuses when making a mistake, taking initiate, being proactive, recognizing responsibility for one’s own actions, contributing to others.

6) Quality.  Creating quality experiences, trainings, products, customer service, etc.

7) Authentic Communication: Communicating directly to get to the heart of things, ask questions first, seek to understand, etc.

8) Productivity.  Effective contributing to make a difference.