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A word from our president ​

Are you looking for Coaching or are you looking for something much better?

Are you looking for a methodology to unleash the best version of you, to unleash your highest potentials?

Then this is the place you where looking for!

The Meta-Coaching Community is present in more than 42 countries and we have the most rigorous standards on Coaching. All Meta-Coaches registered on this website, are Meta-Coaches who not only received a very intensive training in Coaching skills, but they have being trained in NLP communication skills, Neuro-Semantics distinctions, skills and patterns, and 5 more models for the coaching processes.

The Meta-Coaching System has the most rigorous system to measure the level of competency in each one of the 7 coaching core skills.

Every certified Meta-Coach from our community has passed through a rigorous benchmarking and has demonstrated the necessary standards of competency in each skill.

I welcome you to this Professional Coaching world called Meta-Coaching System.

​Shawn Dwyer
​Meta-Coach Foundation President