Model 3b: Internal Certified Meta-Coach

The Meta-Coach Training System ®

Five-day Internal Meta-Coaching training

ICMC focuses on coaching inside an organisation delivering similar outcomes to the Associate Certified Meta-Coach training, with a specific emphasis on organisational structure, culture, management, and leadership. The ICMC is an outstanding training module for professionals who work within an organisation to enhance human performance and achieve business outcomes. CEOs, executives, managers, sales managers, human resource professionals, and internal coaches will experience a profound change in their professional lives, and be able to take their organisation to new levels of performance as a result of this training.

In addition to the benefits off the ACMC training you will:

» Become a powerful agent for vision and positive change within your organisation.

» Know how to create the models and plans to achieve extraordinary business results.

» Recognize and seize opportunities, for and within your organisation.

» Overcome internal blocks and barriers to the authentic leader within you.

» Learn how to use a Personal Development Plan for managing employee development.

» Deliver to your organisation a new language for shaping performance.

» Learn how to diagnose and how to map the change process within your organisation.

» Enjoy the support and recognition of an international community of business leaders and thinkers.

You will achieve more than 180 hours of Meta-Coach specific education.

ICMC training is offered in both a public training format for individuals from different organisations and in a private in-house training format for one organisation or group of companies.

Who must attend this program?

» CEOs and Managers leading organisations through economic and cultural change.

» Managers wanting to add advanced Coaching skills to their leadership style.

» Internal Coaches (or Managers becoming Internal Coaches) who want to be at the forefront of the field.

» Business owners and mangers of fast growing companies needing ‘just in time’ management solutions.

» Organisations lacking leadership competencies and community spirit.

» Executives wanting to make a different and leave a legacy in their organisation.

» Organisations fostering a coaching culture and employee empowerment.

» Cutting-edge organisations committed to being number one in their industry.

» Managers and companies wanting to make massive profit while fostering integrity and people.

In the words of ICMC Graduates.

This training gives practical and applicable “how to” skills for coaching.

IG Kriel, ICMC – Manager Learning & Development

For me the most groundbreaking discovery was that you can coach anyone on any topic & it is not necessary (not allowed) to get into content! We all have the answers within ourselves, it is just where coaching can facilitate the awakening of these answers!

Phil Penlington, ICMC – Product Owner

Thank you! So many things that I have always believed to be true about myself – reasons for doing certain things in a certain way or reacting in certain ways – I can change! You made me look inside myself and help me question! For this I can only thank you! It is also great to be part of something so revolutionary and exciting! I have learned so much about myself and others. Thank you for spending the time to give me this.

Marlene Le Roux, ICMC – Trainer

I was moved, informed and motivated! I really appreciated how practical you made the course. I also enjoyed the energy and professionalism of the presenters.

Marlene Dippenaar, ICMC – HR Consultant
ICMC Training – Notes on prior learning

Minimum pre-requisites for the ACMC and ICMC include:

Module 1 – Coaching Essentials
Module 2 – Coaching Genius

NLP or Meta-NLP Certification is highly encouraged

ICMC pre-requisite reading includes:

  1. Users Manual for the Brain Volume, Bodenhammer & Hall or Source Book of Magic, L Michael Hall
  2. Secrets of Personal Mastery, L Michael Hall
  3. Coaching Conversations, L Michael Hall and Michelle Duval
  4. Figuring Out People, L Michael Hall & Bob Boddenhamer

ICMC suggested reading includes:

  1. The Matrix Model, L Michael Hall
  2. Meta-Coaching Volume 1, L Michael Hall and Michelle Duval

The Meta-Coaching Training System