Module 5: Master Certified Meta-Coach

The Meta-Coach Training System ®

Master Coach Training and Competency Assessment.

MCMC celebrates the pinnacle of achievement in the Meta-Coaching arena. It challenges Professional Meta-Coaches to rise beyond the extraordinary and take their coaching skills and personal development to the level of Mastery. To reach this state of excellence, the practitioner will be tested and assessed against the most demanding standards.

In the spirit of Mastery you will:

» Develop advanced skills for coaching mastery, and how to benchmark and sustain them.

» Create a plan for your dream business and transform your practice into a firm.

» Master unique ‘pattern detection’ and ‘step back’ coaching skills.

» Earn recognition as a powerful influence and leader in the coaching community.

» Gain access to cutting-edge developments in Meta-Coaching – even as they are being created.

» Enjoy the status and rewards of international recognition as a Leader and Master Coach.

You will achieve more than 510 hours of Meta-Coach specific education.

MCMC Training & Assessment – Notes on prior learning

  1. PCMC accreditation

MCMC pre-requisite reading includes:

  1. Source Book of Magic Vol II, L Michael Hall
  2. Structure of Personality. Hall, Boddenhamer, Bolstad

There is no other course which compares to Meta-Coaching. Mind warping,healing,magical,living-giving,and deeply moving and skills for action.Meta-Coaching offers a state- of-the-art approach to living.” Glen Tucker,Coach,Johannesberg,South Africa