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The Meta-Coach Training System ®

Michelle Duval and Dr L.Michael Hall, Executive Directors and co-developer of the Meta-Coach Training System are joined by top International Coaches. Together they utilise advanced accelerate learning strategies for meeting the diverse learning needs of all participants.

Meta-Coach™ Training System Developers

Dr L.Michael HallDr L.Michael Hall

Michael is a developer, researcher, coach, trainer and prolific author in the Cognitive Sciences having developed the most cutting-edge new concepts in NLP and NS today, the Meta-States Model, Matrix Model, and co-developed the Axes of Change Model. Michael brings playfulness and humour to training, and is renowned for his passion and integrity. He co-founded the International Society of Neuro-Semantics and The Meta-CoachTM Foundation (MCF). Michael is the Academic Director and Researcher for the MCF and has authored and published more than 30 books to date.

Meta-Coach Trainers

Cheryl LucasCheryl Lucas

Cheryl Lucas is an internationally certified Coach and Trainer. She is one of the founding Directors of Coaches Inc. one of the fastest growing Coaching Organisations in South Africa. Coaches Inc. specialise in Coach Training and Transformational, Developmental and Performance Coaching for individuals and Organisations. She is the founding Director of the South African Institute of Neuro Semantics. Cheryl is known for getting to the heart of the matter and unleashing potentials in dynamic and complex environments. Her commitment to the growth of her clients and her unwavering belief in their potential make her an Outstanding Coach. Apart from being a Masterful and Passionate Coach Cheryl is a Licenced trainer and sponsor of The International Meta Coach Training system.

Omar SalomOmar Salom

Omar is a very well recognised executive coach in all Latin America and is mainly focused on the applications of Neurosemantics, NLP and cognitive psychology to the field of executive development. As a director of Salom change dynamics he has coached presidents and directors from many companies; He has also design and implements programs that integrated assessment & Cultural transformation & team building and leadership development. His integrity, clarity and creativity have been a source for many companies and executives in the Latin-American world for the last 18 years.

Joseph ScottJoseph W. Scott

Joseph Scott is an internationally experienced coach and trainer, delivering corporate and public coachings and trainings throughout Australia and Asia. He is the owner and founder of two businesses dedicated to coaching and training leadership; Apex Leadership International & The Leadership Coach. Joseph is compassionately passionate about people and the difference people can make in the world as coaches, once trained in this world-class coach training system. Josephs main focus is on training employed executives to become coaches (ICMC- Internal Certified Meta-Coach ™) which enables them to coach professionally within their own organisations.

GermaineGermaine Rediger

Germaine Rediger is an internationally experienced certified Coach and
Trainer. She is the founder of InDialogue one of the Coaching trend setters
in Belgium. InDialogue specialise in Leadership coaching and personal
coaching for individuals and Organisations. She has coaching experience in
the government and a variety of organisations. Her passionate focus is the pursuit of the goals that her clients want to achieve involving growth, connection and
contribution. Germaine is a licenced NLP and Neuro-Semantics trainer
delivering Corporate and public trainings.

Lena GreyLena Gray

Passionate and inspirational, Lena Gray is an internationally recognised Corporate Trainer, Executive Performance Coach, and Keynote Presenter.

She is the Director of Ignition – Leaders in Transformational Training and Coaching Solutions for Individuals and Organisations Worldwide.

She is also the President of the Institute of Neuro Semantics for New Zealand (INSNZ), and the Founding National Director of the NZ Meta Coach Foundation. Lena is an Internationally Qualified and Licenced Neuro Semantic Trainer (ISNS South Africa), and Coach (ACMC, MCF – Sydney). Currently working with Executives, Lead Managers, Business Owners, Organisational and Sports Teams, Athletes, Families, Couples, and Young adults, she specializes in Transformational Leadership, and Personal/Professional Relationship Training and Coaching. At the forefront of human development Lena uses cutting edge coaching and training technologies to grow and support her clients in their life directions. With her Natural approach and communication style, and her persistent belief that potential is gifted to all, she is an outstanding Trainer, Coach and Leader. She considers her successes worldwide to be a reflection of her commitment to the growth and development of individuals and organisations, her advocacy of self-Leadership and self-actualization, her obsession with continued learning, and being passionately committed to getting real results when working with those who want to get more out of life and/or work life.

David MurphyDavid Murphy

  • David started to study and developed his skills in NLP model in 2001
  • He is Practitioner and Master Practitioner certified by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS).
  • David is a Certified Neuro-Semantics Trainer, certified in New Zealand’s Institute by Dr. Michael Hall, Colin Cox and the ISNS.
  • He is certified as an NLP Trainer & Consultancy, by the NLP University in Santa Cruz California USA, by Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier.
  • David is a PCMC Professional Certified Meta-Coach.
  • He has four different certifications as a Team Coach.
  • David Murphy is a member of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics team leaders’ board.
  • He is one of the 5 Meta-Coach Trainers in the world. Since 2010 he has the license as a Trainer of the Meta-Coach System.
  • He has background in Clinical Psychology
  • He is currently on the pathway to achieving the “Master Trainer’s” degree.
  • David Murphy is a permanent searcher of new and better strategies to live effectively.

Expert Coaches

You will also be taught and inspired by Expert Coaches in the fields of Executive, Personal, Career, Business and Organisational Coaching.These outstanding men and women are exceptional in their chosen coaching disciplines, and will share their coaching and business models for success.


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