The International Meta-Coaching Community

The Meta-Coach Training System ®

The International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS)

Meta-Coaching and Meta-Coach™ training are accredited under the auspices of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS). The ISNS was co-founded by Dr L.Michael Hall and Dr Bob Bodenhammer to nourish and support Neuro – Semantics and its applications. There are more than 25 registered ISNS Institutes throughout the world.

The Meta-Coaching Foundation (MCF)

The Meta-Coaching Foundation (MCF) was co-founded by Dr L.Michael Hall and Michelle Duvalto determine, monitor and enrich the fields of Coaching and Neuro-Semantics throughout the world. The MCF is charged with ensuring the preservation of ethical and professional standards, and for ongoing research and development in these fields.

Under the auspices of the MCF, an independent Board of Meta-Coach™ Guardians protects the integrity of Meta-Coaching Certification around the world. Meta-Coaching practitioners are invited and encouraged to make a difference to their Community by contributing to the MCF Board and Committees.


A solid coaching framework like Meta-States and the Matrix model empowers a Meta-Coach™ to benchmark intangible skills and qualities and facilitate the transformation in people thereby unleashing their fullest potentials.”

Dr. L. Michael Hall, Ph.D, Co-Founder, MCF

With the NS models,the International Society,and the Meta-Coach™ Foundation, a Meta-Coach™ can coach with the confidence of knowing they are at the forefront of a revolution in coaching.”

Michelle Duval, Co-Founder, MCF


Your Community

The International Meta-Coaching Community consists of like-skilled, like-minded colleagues including Coaches, Trainers (at all levels), business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. Share, learn from, and contribute to coach-referral websites and e-groups. Enjoy ongoing access to cutting-edge developments as they evolve. This international life force and its resources are a source of inspiration and support of your growth into Meta-Coaching excellence.

Become a Trainer of Coaches

Meta-Coaching graduates (at PCMC and MCMC level) who would like to expand their career horizons and income, can go on to become certified NLP and Neuro-Semantics Trainers. They will pass rigorous testing, understudy Master Coaches, and eventually become licensed to conduct Neuro-Semantics, Gateway Trainings and Meta-Coaching around the world.