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 Meta-Coaching, Modules II and III

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

Femke Stuut, PCMC



As a Professional Coaching system, Meta-Coaching is leading the field of Coaching in presenting the most systematic approach as well as the most systemic approach.

Meta-Coaching is based upon 7 distinctions about coaching defining what “coaching” is as an unique discipline and upon 8 models to address those distinctions.

The Meta-Coaching System is set out in three modules: NLP is Module I Coaching Essentials, Meta-States Model is Module II Coaching Genius, and Coaching Mastery is Module III.

Discover and experience the core competencies of Coaching: Listening, Supporting, Questioning, Meta-Questioning, Receiving and Giving Feedback, State Induction. Also, another 40 advanced coaching skills.

Module I: Coaching Essentials (CE)

Introductionto NLP Model

You can get your NLP training at various NLP centers in the USA and you can get Coaching Essentials from various Neuro-Semantic Trainers, see www.instituteusa.org

Module II: Coaching Genius (APG or CE)

Introduction to Meta-States Model

July 1-3 – Presented and led by Femke Stuut, PCMC, Meta-Coach Trainer, living in the USA and in the Netherlands and visited by Dr. Hall from time to time.

Discover how to coach to the unique human kind of consciousness—self-reflexive consciousness and be able to track the logical levels that a client jumps “in the back of the mind.” Learn 14 coaching patterns for how to step into the “flow” state and be “in the zone” at will.


Module III: Coaching Mastery (CM)

July 6– 13 — ACMC Credentials

We call this a Coaching Boot Camp because it is an intense immersion into coaching and personal development. Here we cover 6 more models for making coaching systematic.

1) The Axes of Change— A Model of how Generative Change works, 8 coaching roles for being Change Agent.

2) The Matrix Model— A systems model for following a client’s energy in through his or her system of meaning.

3) The Self-Actualization Quadrants: A practical model for how Self-Actualization works as a person synergizes their meaning into their performances.

4) The Benchmarking model: A process for operationalizing concepts that are intangible and setting up metrics for measuring success and change.

5) The Facilitation Model: A model for how we facilitate challenge and compassion to create the ruthless compassion of coaching.

6) Meta-Programs: A Model of perceptual lens and how to read a person to match their style of processing.

Co-Trained by L. Michael Hall, Ph.D., Psychologist and modeler, developer of Neuro-Semantics and Meta-Coaching and Femke Stuut, PCMC and Neuro-

Semantic Trainer.

Venue (Hotel) and Details of the Location

Venue: The Country Inns Convention Center is our host hotel in Grand Junction. There is a group rate for Neuro-Semantics. If the hotel is full, there are many other hotels in the area. If interested in them, write Dr. Hall for a list. mailto:ramadainn@bresnan.netIf you reserve your room early, you can ask for a small refrigerator in your room which can cut down on food expenses.

Country Inns of America and Conference Center

718 Horizon Drive

Grand Junction, CO. 81506

(970) 243-5080 If in the USA: 1 800-990-1143

(970) 242-0600 fax number


Contact Angelica at Sales@countryinnsgj.com Angelica@countryinnsgj.com

Ask for the special rate for Neuro-Semantics, it is $79 for double and $75 single. The rooms are large with a full size refrigerator. The hotel is 1 mile from Walker FieldAirport—the airport that serves Grand Junction. There is free shuttle service to and from the airport.

July is high tourist season; so the sooner you call and reserve a room, the more likely you can get this price. Otherwise it is $129 a night. If you want to save money by sharing a room, you can get two queen size beds.

There are dozens of restaurants within walking distance of Country Inns. Also without 5 blocks there is a large grocery store (Safeway) and we can make provisions for getting you to the Mall a few miles away to a Health Store if you desire that.

4) Flights:

The airport in Grand Junction is “Walker Field” and it is now served by several airlines (GJT).

Airlines that fly into Grand Junction Colorado at Walker field are:

United airlines via Denver (United Express)

Delta airlines via Salt Lake City (United Express)

US Air airlines via Phoenix

American airlines via Dallas/ Fort Worth

Allegany airlines via Los Vegas

Grand Junction is on the Western Slope of the Rockies on Interstate 70, 30 miles from the Utah border. It is in the western desert. Google “Grand Junction Colorado” and you will find all kinds of things about the city, the area, wineries, mountains, etc. It is not near Denver or Colorado Springs!



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___ Coaching Genius (Meta-States Training) $ 650

___ Coaching Mastery (ACMC Certification) $3,500

Prior to April 1, there is an Early Bird price, write L. Michael Hall to apply for the early bird price: meta@acsol.net

Sponsored by Neuro-Semantics LCC

P.O. Box 8

Clifton Co. 81505

1-970 523-7877 mailto:meta@onlinecol.commailto:meta@acsol.net

1- 877- 686 – 2867 (Toll free in the USA only)




100% Money Back Guarantee: Our goal is your complete satisfaction in getting full value and benefit from this training. If at the end of Day One you are not totally convinced of the benefits, your investment will be refunded in full. Cancellation: If there’s a cancellation within 2 weeks of the training, there’s a $50 administration fee.