Accessing Your Highest Business Sense and Genius

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

Early in the development of Neuro-Semantics I engaged on a modeling project on business excellence and those who are experts in business. This followed modeling Wealth Creation and Selling Excellence and so was a natural next step. I wanted to know what it takes to be a “genius” at business. I wanted to be able to do that for myself in my business endeavors.

Of course, “business” as a term is so broad, so extensive, and involves so many different facets and dimensions. It can involve a great many competencies in a wide-range of areas. What we call a person’s “business sense” can involve many facets of work:

The Sense of Business Today

Business experts recognize and embrace the changing nature of business in the 21st century and develop the meta-state of seeing and embracing trends and resilience to cope with change.

The Sense of Detecting and Identifying Problems

The ability to develop a well-formed problem. Doing this enables you avoid pseudo-problems, paradoxes, and other things that masquerade as “problems.” After all, “A problem well defined is half solved.”

The Sense of a Well-Formed Solution

Business experts not only are highly skilled at detecting problems when they are small and manageable, they are also highly solution oriented and are able to create a well-formed solution and lead others in developing a solution-focus.

The Sense of Elegant Communication

Talking isn’t enough. We have to express ourselves in elegant ways, ways that set frames, and in ways that fit the thinking and perceiving patterns of others. This means shifting from a “command-and-control” style to using a coaching methodology for empowering others.

The Sense of a Super-Charged Attitude for Business

Dressing for success isn’t only about clothes, it’s also about attitude. The wrong attitude can undermine the highest of skills. Business experts are masters at state management and so can manage their moods and super-charge their attitude.

The Sense of Collaborative Partnership

Leaders and managers work with and through others and so operate to create win/win collaborative partnerships. They win people to their vision and then enable their partners to feel honored to be a part.

The Sense of Getting the Right People on Board

Jim Collins discovered that getting “the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus” is a key ingredient in the great companies which out-perform those that are merely good (Good to Great). Being able to “read” people, profile people, and get the best people on board is critical and this is where Meta-Programs and Meta-States come in.

The Sense of Effective Conflict Resolution

Getting the wrong people off the bus—without a major battle—means embracing “conflict” before it becomes conflict—while it is just low performance or poor attitude and dealing with it when it is small and manageable. It also means being able to defuse hotheads, keep one’s cool, put effective processes in place, and use sensory-based feedback.

The Sense of Taking Effective Action

Knowing and not doing will get you nowhere. Business requires active and proactive people who are responsive, take the initiative, and makes things happen. They have closed the knowing-doing gap and have become implementators. This makes them effective as movers and shakers.

The Sense of Continuous Improvement and Development

Business experts don’t wait until they have it “perfect,” they take action and continually learn and make adjustments as they go. They are committed to ongoing learning, accelerating their learning and implementation time, and receiving high quality feedback.

Nor is that all. Business experts are able to create great comapnies via their ability to lead and to develop leadership competencies. They can then create a singularity of focus via synergizing potential, passion, and profit. They can also lead a company into becoming a self-actualization company where they and their people find the meaningful and conducive to a sense of mission and purpose.

All of the great principles and ideas of business experts have to be actualized. That’s why in Neuro-Semantics we are committed to transferring the highest knowledge, principles, and ideas into practice so that gets it into muscle-memory. To take performance to the highest level, to consistently create peak performances (neurology), we have to have rich and empowering meanings (semantics). The synthesis of meaning and performance gives us self-actualizing individuals who are on the cutting-edge of creativity, focus, and productivity. These are the people who are the leaders, movers, and shakers in business and who are able to anticipate the trends and take action.

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