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(Meaning into Performance)

“What is Neurosemantics?” has driven you to this site. And the answer lies within, if you are ready to take the Red Pill? So are you? Great! So here we go.

Neuro-Semantics is about your personal development for greater meaningfulness, success, and contribution in life.

In Neuro-Semantics we focus on the processes that will reliably unleash your highest and best potentials. We do that by enabling you to create the most enhancing and robust meanings that will then enable you to implement your best values into the actions that make up your performances. By modeling excellence in people who are actualizing their highest and best we continue to create new models.

Neuro-Semantics focuses on self-actualization for individuals, companies, communities, and nations. And because self-actualization arises from the synergy of meaning and performance, we use the Self-Actualization Quadrants as a model and tool for enabling self-actualization.

Neuro-Semantics enables you to win the inner game so you can achieve peak performance in your outer games of everyday life.

Your inner games are your semantics or meanings. Your inner game is made up of your meaning frames. Your outer games occurs in your body and neurology. It is here that you actualize your meanings.

If every behavior and response you produce is the performance of a meaning, what meanings are you performing? What is the quality of that performance? Do you like what you are actualizing or would you like to transform what you are creating?

If, as a meaning-maker, you create your meanings that you then live, what is the quality of meanings that you are living? Are there any new or higher meanings that you would like to perform? How meaningful is your life?

How well are you translating your highest meanings into everyday actions as you close your Knowing-Doing gap?

Neuro-Semantics empowers you to unleash your highest potentials!
How? By enabling you to develop the required skills by which you can unleash your potentials. To facilitate this, we have provided you lots and lots of free articles and patterns on our many websites. There are also books you can read, trainings where you can get individual attention, as well as personal Meta-Coaches are available all around the world.

In Neuro-Semantic books, trainings, and with Coaches and Consultants, you can learn models for understanding the nature of our minds, emotions, and bodies and you can experience patterns for developing greater competence, self-confidence, and success in careers, health and fitness, and relationships.

“Neuro-Semantic” more technically the term Semantics refers to the meanings you create as a meaning-maker. What are your meanings about yourself, others, life, your career, health, wealth, relationships, etc.? Are they significant and robust? Are they exciting and enlivening? What meanings are you seeking to actualize in life? What meanings have you actualized? How well do the meanings that you are living serve you? How ecological are they?

Neurology (neuro-) refers to your body, physiology, and your states. It is in and through your neurology that you feel, experience, and perform your meanings. What do you perform? What semantic reactions do you experience emotionally and as your skills? Do they reflect your best ideas and meanings? Or is there a big gap between what you know and what you do? Neuro-Semantics focuses on closing the Knowing-Doing gap.

The International Neuro-Semantic Community (ISNS)
As Neuro-Semantics has spread around the world, it is now in over 40 countries inspiring people with a vision about modeling excellence to unleashing human potentials.

Before we work with others, we are first committed to the apply to self principle. We first access our own resourceful to walk our own talk. Embodying our meanings empowers us to be congruent and authentic in working with others. We first win at our own inner game and then take our performances to new levels of excellence and productivity in our outer game. Doing that for ourselves prepares us in assisting others.

Coaching in Neuro-Semantics is called Meta-Coaching. Training, Certification, and license as a Meta-Coach (ACMC, MCMC) comes from graduating from the Meta-Coach System. For more about this see www.meta-coaching.org and www.meta-coachfoundation.org.

Training in Neuro-Semantics is conduced by Licensed Neuro-Semantic Trainers which comes from graduating from the NSTT (Neuro-Semantic Trainers’ Training). Licensed trainers are listed on this page along with the International Scheduled of events and many, many articles on Neuro-Semantics.

Self-Actualization in Neuro-Semantics is described as unleashing potentials and the Neuro-Semantic models for self-actualizing has launched a new movement in achieving human potential. See www.self-actualizing.org for the list of Self-Actualization Institutes.

Materials on Neuro-Semantics include more than 3,000 pages of articles on this website, the equivalent of 7 or more books. This is yours free of charge. Other books can be purchased via Neuro-Semantic Publications and Crown House Publications.

Neurons is the free International Egroup for Neuro-Semantics. It provides an excellent place to post questions about Neuro-Semantics, explore applications of Meta-States, and share stories of using the many Neuro-Semantics models. You can sign up by clicking the button at the top right of this page.

Where do the Neuro-Semantic models come from?
As an inter-disciplinary field, the models of Neuro-Semantics come from the field of the Cognitive Behavioral sciences, from Developmental Psychology, the neuro-sciences, General Semantics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), cognitive linguistics, cybernetics, and system dynamics. The first and core model of Neuro-Semantics is the Meta-States Model developed in 1994 by L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. The Meta-States Model contributed to the NLP Model the modeling of self-reflexive consciousness and has taken NLP to a higher level of professional ethics.

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