Kgobati Magome


Box 26376, Monument Park, Pretoria. 0105, South Africa.
Mobile: +27 829028283

Kgobati is Managing Partner and Executive Coach at Community Innovations, a company focusing on Innovative and transformative solutions to Leadership and Workplace Excellence.

In addition, she Heads a Women’s Investment House aimed at sourcing and managing triple bottom line business ventures for women. Her career has spanned over two decades working in the development and business sectors in Southern and East Africa – Serving as a professional, a technical advisor and a member of several Boards. She is former Special Policy Advisor to Minister and Chief Director in Government; a Professional of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP); and now runs a successful Leadership Development and Coaching Practice. Her experience and flexibility in working at Board, Executive and Management levels enables her to facilitate greater synergy and alignment between the governance, leadership and management/execution levels of companies, thus maximizing organizational performance.

She is a Neurosemantics Trainer, and an accredited Meta-Coach (ACMC), and an NLP Master Practitioner.