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Grand Junction- Colorado

July- August 2012

Dr. L. Michael Hall’s

This training opportunity is for You if
Collin Cox

  • You want to develop a robust confidence in presenting and training
  • You want to be able to stand up and speak persuasively in front of groups
  • You want to train the cutting-edge models in Neuro-Semantics and NLP
  • You want to model and become the very best Trainer You can become
  • You want to actualize Your potentials as a professional communicator
  • You are ready to step up to the leadership challenge in Neuro-Semantics
  • You want to create or expand Your career as a Trainer
  • You want to unleash Your full potentials as a trainer and leader

Benefits and Values

  • Access your best states for becoming an engaging and charismatic presenter
  • Learn to step in and out of your Genius Trainer State
  • Learn to exquisitely use your voice, body, and space on stage
  • Access and operate from the un-insultability state
  • Discover how to texture your presentation state with humor, charm, persuasiveness and other specific resources
  • Recognize and pace the learning styles (and meta-programs) in your audience
  • Learn the art of training design and sequencing
  • Practice handling “difficult people” (hecklers) in a speaking or training context
  • Become a part of the International Neuro-Semantic community
  • Model key master trainers in Neuro-Semantics
  • Receive personal attention from the developer and founder, L. Michael Hall
  • Be benchmarked on your skills in order to actualize your competencies
  • Receive an international certification and be commissioned to teach and certify NLP Prac. and Master Prac., APG and other Neuro-Semantic Trainings
  • Become a part of an international community
  • Discover how to meta-state yourself as a presenter and trainer with all of the resources you’ll need for creating a successful business

The Psychology of APG. (3 Days)

As a Neuro-Semantic Trainer, you will be licensed to train and certify APG (Accessing Personal Genius, also titled, Coaching Genius or Self-Leadership). To support this, The Psychology of APG is designed to give you the background understanding for what the patterns are designed to do, how to think about the patterns and how to use the patterns with more depth in your own understanding of the psychology within the patterns. Via The Psychology of APG you will also be more equipped as you do your presentations in NSTT. (Days 1-3)

Platform Skills training. (5 Days)

These five day introduce the key specific skills that empowers every effective public speaker. We have benchmarked these skills so that you will be able to identify where you are on the scale of competency and what are the skills to add, or subtract, to take one to the next level. These are the skills that make you an engaging speaker who can command the stage and work with an audience. (Days 4-8).

Training Skills training. (3 Days)

Then there are three days of skills that make you effectively competent in training. Training skills differ significantly from presentation skills. These skills enable you to work effectively with adult learners enabling them to gain the theoretical knowledge necessary for the how-to knowledge of implementation. Many public speakers are charismatic, even magical, but cannot transfer data so that it actually in-forms the minds, hearts, and actions of people. That’s what a Neuro-Semantic Trainer does! (Day 9-11)

Business Skills Training ( 3 days )

Trainers are in business, publically and privately within various companies and corporations, and so need business and entrepreneur skills for running a training business, administrating it, marketing, selling, etc. Business skills and strategies are also delivered to empowering Trainers in the ins-and-outs of the Training business and especially in the business of Neuro-Semantics.

Training Schedule:

July 24th – August 8th 2012


Country Inns of America
718 Horizon Drive
Grand Junction, CO
970.243.5080 ( in US) 1.800.990.1143
Contact: Angelica at sales@countryinnsgj.com

Your Investment: US$4500
Registered on or before July 22, 2012 for early bird price.

Neuro-Semantics of Colorado – L. Michael Hall Ph.D.
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