L. Michael Hall, Ph.D., spiral, 118 pages, $35

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Advanced Modeling With Neuro-semantics

Neuro-Semantics is above everything else a model of modeling. It, like NLP, is a meta-discipline about the structure of experience, and especially of positive states and experiences. As such, it is about finding, replicating, and refining the structure of excellence and expertise, of peak experiences and peak performances.

Advanced Neuro-Semantic Modeling fully incorporates the modeling tools of NLP and then supplements them with all of the modeling tools of Neuro-Semantics. This training manual is designed to bring these tools together in one place and provide a focus on the skill-set and competencies needed for modeling.

In this field, while many people talk about modeling, very few actually do it.
Modeling experience generally involves a significant period of time (one to five years) and significant skill. That’s why very few full-fledged models have been created in NLP over the past thirty-five years.